How Can We Improve Our Tracking Budget?

How Can We Improve Our Tracking Budget?

The tracking budget is one of the SEO factors that is obtaining more relevance in the field of organic positioning of both an online store and a web page. We can define the tracking budget by the number of visits that we will receive from Google to track our website.

How Do I Know If My Website Is Being Crawled By Google ?

Google Search Console is the tool that tracks and finds the status of the  indexing of each of the pages of a website. This tool gives you the opportunity to check the status of your URLs in the “Coverage” option. We can see the action of User Agent to Google Bot. And, a fact, in Search Console you will realize the importance for Google that mobile usability is having since by default, what it shows you first are the results of crawling and indexing pages for smartphones

Main Problem With The Tracking Budget

If you are having a corporate website with content pages or a small blog, Google would crawl, index and process your site quickly , without having to worry much about the budget, unless the domain had a penalty.

Google will establish a value for each link on your website and depending on the position and the specified anchor text we can control this factor. The main purpose is to “drive” that budget tracking time towards the products or categories where SEO has been worked correctly (descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions .)

Improving Our Tracking Budget

There are factors that improve our tracking budget that Google will dedicate to our website and some of the factors that we recommend are:

Loading speed 

Tools such as  PageSpeed ​​Insights, from Google, will inform you of the speed on mobile devices and computers, as well as show you the factors that you must correct to improve loading times. Monitor the loading speed of your website or online store periodically, since it is a factor that can vary depending on the loading of new products, poor image optimization, server problems, etc. 

Detect Low Quality Content

If we have content on our website that receives little traffic and little permanence, we must review it and put an action plan that can range from a redirect, to an improvement in the content or even its elimination.

Using Of Robot.txt

It controls which areas Google can track and which cannot. CMS such as WordPress, Prestashop, Magento or Joomla have several URLs that they generate by default and that we must prevent access by Google Bots because we are not interested in their indexing and, therefore, we do not want you to “spend a budget” tracking them.


Google will understand that it is an interesting website and will increase the tracking number, If we have visits and they remain on our website, Therefore, control the bounce rate so that Google pampers you a little more.

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