How To Boost Your WiFi Signal?

How To Boost Your WiFi Signal?

Most modern devices with Internet access can connect wirelessly. This makes Wi-Fi connections more important today than a few years ago.  Nowadays we have many mobile devices at our disposal, as well as better routers that guarantee us a more stable, secure connection with better Internet speed. However, sometimes it is not enough. In this article, you can find some tricks to boost your Wifi Signal.

How Important Is WiFi In Daily Life?

Talking about Wi-Fi connections today is talking about the medium through which many users browse every day. Our mobiles, tablets, televisions, very diverse devices, are connected through this medium.

We can really say that the cabling is intended for computers and little else. This makes a good Wi-Fi connection vital in many cases. But it also has to work properly,  of course. That means you have to go as far as possible and always maintain speed and stability.

The problem is that sometimes this does not happen. It may be due to user problems, a bad configuration, a device error, or that we cannot directly improve the signal. However, we can take into account a series of tricks that can come in handy so that the Wi-Fi connection reaches further and with the best possible speed.

Tips To Boost Wi-Fi Signal

There are some enhancements that may depend on the user. The way in which we place the router, the configuration, and so on.. Aspects that we can control and that could allow us to have a better Internet speed wirelessly.

Use 2.4 GHz Band

One of the best options we have to amplify the signal and that the Wi-Fi reaches further is to use the 2.4 GHz band. We already know that today modern routers can offer connection through the band of 2, 4 GHz, and also 5 GHz. The latter is the best if we want the maximum speed, but it is much more sensitive to distance and possible interference.

Therefore, if we want the signal to go far and lose the minimum possible quality, the ideal is to always connect to the 2.4 GHz band. We will leave the 5 GHz option only for when we connect next to the router. In this way, you can boost your Wifi Signal.

Placing The Router In A High Place 

An important trick is the placement of the router. Many users choose to put it in a low location, on a piece of furniture.

This is an error, since for the signal to reach further and the speed to be optimal, the interesting thing is that the router is in an elevated area. In addition, if it is in a central part of the building and thus better signal is distributed.

It is also important that it should be away from other electrical appliances. Because these could interfere with the signal and decrease quality and speed. We need to put it in an area away from other devices and also from walls or walls that may interfere.

Changing The Channel

Having the router connected on a saturated channel can undoubtedly affect the range of the signal at a good speed. If we are connected to the same channel as our neighbors, there could be interference and logically this translates into a more unstable connection and a worse speed.

It is interesting to choose the channel well and change if necessary. In this way, we will substantially improve the quality of the signal and we will be able to connect from further away and with greater speed.

Orient The Antennas Correctly

Many routers have external antennas. This means that we can orient them according to our interests and thus we can able to improve range and speed. If we have two antennas, put one vertically and the other horizontally. In this way, the waves travel better and we can connect correctly. It helps in boosting your Wifi Signal.

Use Amplifiers

Lastly, the final tip is to use Amplifiers. There are many types and we have some really inexpensive ones that can help send the wireless signal further without losing speed. We can make use of PLCs, amplifiers, or even use an old router, as long as it is compatible.

By using the amplifiers we can connect from other areas of the home almost as if we were next to the router. An improvement that we will surely notice that when we do a speed test to check how well our connection is.

These are some tips and tricks that we can put into practice so that you can boost your Wi-Fi Signal.

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