How To Do E-Mail Marketing In Your Ecommerce

How To Do E-Mail Marketing In Your Ecommerce

E-Mail Marketing In Your Ecommerce : When we talk about email marketing, online stores often have doubts about the benefits of sending emails to their customers, or they don’t know how to follow an email strategy or gain subscribers, among other things.

Whatever the option, in this article we want to explain why email messages should be included in any marketing strategy for an ecommerce.

What Is Email Marketing In An Online Business?

Email marketing is a powerful tool within the digital marketing ecosystem. Its power lies in the fact that it is a direct connection between companies and customers, without intermediaries, and without third-party platforms or advertisements that divert the attention of the public from the messages. 

Therefore, it is one of the best tools to retain your customers and keep them always up to date with your news and promotions.

Why Do You Need Email Marketing In Your ecommerce?

There are many reasons why you need to use email marketing in your online business. Therefore, to demonstrate the great impact that email campaigns have, below, we detail some of the most illustrative statistical data on the performance of email campaigns.

As already mentioned, email has the best ROI . But what is ROI? . It is the return on investment, a metric to know the benefits that an ecommerce obtains from the digital marketing actions it carries out. Email is the 3rd most influential source of information for the B2B public, it is only ahead of the recommendations of acquaintances and prominent famous people in each sector. Wordstream font. Likewise, Kinsta states that 87% of B2B marketers use newsletters as a distribution channel.

6 Tips For Your Email Marketing Campaign

It is essential that the emails you send to your audience are personalized. There are no excuses, there are many tools and options for your customers to feel that you are addressing them personally with each of the emails you send them.

Use the data you have about your audience from the forms to design a personalization strategy. Or think about what data could allow you to generate a more personal experience with your users, and try to achieve it. Once you have drawn up a plan and you are collecting the correct information, you can start with your campaign. In addition, we recommend that you try to increase the email databases, because that way you will have much more reach, you will really see the results of your campaigns and the segmentation will be larger and more effective.

Responsive is not an option

Your designs must be adapted to all mobile devices, since, as we have already mentioned, there is a high percentage of email openings from smartphones , and the trend is upward. So this is no longer an option, it is an imposition.

For example, keep in mind basic aspects such as structuring the content of your message in a single column to improve mobile reading. And of course, the template of your newsletter is responsive.

Responsive emails

Segment your list, your open rate and conversion rate depend on it

According to data from Mailchimp, segmented email marketing campaigns get almost 15% more opens and, according to statistics carried out by HubSpot in 2020, almost 30% of marketers use segmentation as a tool to increase user interaction with your newsletters.

Segmenting your list will allow you to generate campaigns focused on the specific interests of your users. This way you can offer them relevant and useful information developed specifically for that segment. If you continue to send information that does not contribute anything to your users, it is quite likely that they will unsubscribe or that your emails end up in the spam folder. Also, if you want to prevent your emails from ending up in that folder, you should also learn how to avoid anti-spam filters in email marketing.

Include a video strategy in your campaign

To give you an idea, adding videos to your emails can increase the click-through rate of your users by up to 300% (Source:  Martech Advisor ).

Videos are a simple and attractive way to share your message. One of the advantages that they allow is that most users retain more information when watching a video than reading.

In addition to the creativity to generate a video from your content (webinar, tutorials, storytelling, etc.), you will have to analyze what works best for you when including the video in your newsletter: link, embedded video, etc.

Loyalty to your customers

We have already discussed the wonders of email marketing, now it’s your turn to use it wisely within your loyalty strategy .

The goal should be to maximize the lifetime of your customer , so you should be very clear about the journey to purchase and support the moments in which it can be decisive with email marketing. For that, you must know perfectly aspects such as the seasonality of your sector or the need that your product covers, in addition to intelligently managing the differentiating element that makes them choose you over the competition.

For example, anticipate the needs of your customers by reminding them that you are there. Keep them up to date with new products, changes in service, improvements in customer service, etc. Inform them with useful suggestions and relate them to what your company can do for them.

Best Newsletter Software

Currently, there are various programs to create newsletters , both free and paid, so you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your company. The good thing about managing campaigns through this software is that, in addition to wasting much less time than doing it manually, you will be able to obtain real analytics on the opening of emails and the traffic and clicks to your website, among other things.

  • MailChimp: 

This free newsletter software stands out for being very intuitive, as it makes designing emails a simple task with which to obtain professional results. As for the analytics, it offers information on the interest aroused by the campaigns sent; opening data and, the clicks that have been converted into purchases. The free subscription allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month and add up to 2,000 users to the database, so there are payment plans for those who need more features.

  • MailJet: 

this tool, in addition to preparing and sending newsletters, is used to create transactional emails and SMS. It also provides basic message opening data , which will allow you to obtain information and optimize your marketing strategy. This software also has a payment plan, with which you can access much more specific analytics than in the case of the free one.


is a marketing automation tool that, in addition to email campaigns, allows you to create other types such as SMS, push, and retargeting to enhance your strategies. Likewise, it creates highly personalized shopping experiences thanks to the fact that it builds the Customer Journey in real time through the use of AI.


the program includes responsive templates with which to create newsletters quickly and easily, simply by making some customizations to adapt them to the company. Like the previous ones, it has a free plan and a paid plan, so depending on the needs of each company, you can choose one or the other.


It has an intuitive editor that also includes responsive templates. It allows you to have up to 250 subscribers and send a maximum of 2,000 emails per month. As for the statistics, they do not provide too much data in their free version, but they have different payment rates so that each ecommerce pays based on what they need from the tool.


It has a personalized support service, that is, an expert in digital marketing strategies helps companies that use the software both in defining the strategy and sending newsletters to their subsequent analysis. In addition, it has another new functionality called Smart Templates, with which 12 templates are automatically obtained with the visual identity indicated by the brand, simply inserting the web link and the program takes care of the rest. It has a free trial version of 30 days with 500 emails and 10 SMS as a gift, and later it begins to be paid, offering various rates.

One of the first things to work on when creating an email is the subject, as it will be the first thing that encourages customers to click on the email to open it. Create subjects that add curiosity, to give the impression to users that they cannot miss what you want to tell them.

If inside the newsletter you want to offer information to customers, such as about special offers, what you should do is write a short and concise text, oriented to the message you want to communicate, as well as use an attractive design that accompanies the text. . Of course, it should always be responsible for all kinds of devices and inboxes. Do not forget the call to action (CTA) button, which must be integrated with the content.

Another good way to design campaigns that can be very useful is to use segmentation in the structure of the email itself. In the following case, the campaign is carried out for database users who seem to be interested in running products: purchase history, and activity on the company website… and it is divided between men and women, so that each user goes directly to the category of products that interest you.

Segmented Email Marketing Campaign

Regarding transactional emails, which are the ones that are sent to customers as confirmation that they have made a purchase, have registered in our e-commerce or have reset their password, they must include all the information of the action that has been carried out. the client, but always taking into account the design and brand image of the online store.

  • Transactional email

This example represents how a remarketing strategy works. On many ecommerce, if you perform a search, but do not end up buying or booking, it is most likely that you will receive an email of this type. These emails usually include elements that will try to convince you to complete the transaction, such as discounts for your next reservation or purchase. This type of email marketing is very effective.

  • Newsletter remarketing campaign

The following email not only seeks to sell but also to generate interactions and for users to communicate with the brand, something essential to bring users closer and maintain a more active relationship.

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