Making Your Company Known: 8 Simple Steps To Implement

Making Your Company Known: 8 Simple Steps To Implement

Making Your Company Known : Have you just launched your business or are you preparing to do so? To ensure the success but also the sustainability of your activity, you must imperatively make yourself known. Thanks to simple ideas, you can boost your notoriety. What methods should be adopted locally, nationally or online?

Rely On Word Of Mouth When Talking About Your Project

Word of mouth is a free and very powerful communication tool. As soon as you know you’re going to launch your business, you can use it. How? The principle is simple. Talk about your business (or future business) around you. You can showcase products and services, explain your expertise, and distribute business cards. 

This first approach with the market is very interesting because you will face the first questions that will help you set up a solid communication campaign. In addition, if you are convincing, you will mark the spirits and you will be solicited once in activity.

Create Your Listing And Enjoy Geolocation With Google My Business

Google My Business is both a service and a feature offered by the famous eponymous search engine. All companies, as well as all professionals, can be referenced on Google My Business and enjoy increased visibility. The service works as a directory and provides all the useful information to users. To do this, you must fill out a form. Here is the information to provide.

  • The company name and header
  • The presentation of the establishment
  • The phone number
  • Postal address
  • The website
  • The e-mail address
  • Categories
  • Opening hours

In addition to providing all this information to Internet users and therefore to future customers, it is possible to publish photos of your establishment. Of course, when you write your card and when you choose your photos, you must seduce your audience.

The major asset of Google My Business is the geolocation of your business or store. The service thus makes it possible to reassure people who buy online but also to seduce a local audience. The service is free of charge and all data can be updated. Also, you can create your listing before having a website.

Create A Website And A Merchant Site

It is unthinkable today for a company not to be present on the internet. Having a site is essential to make yourself known. Even with a modest budget, it is possible to have a website that fulfills all its functions. It can evolve according to your needs. To set up a website, you can call on professionals who will help you find your visual identity and create a site in your image. It is also possible to create a site independently.

If you opt for online sales, your website must be completed by a merchant site from which Internet users can buy your products and/or services. In any case, you must ensure that your site is always up to date (contact details, product availability, opening hours) and that it can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet.

Run A blog

In addition to your website, you can create and run a blog. It is a great communication tool that allows you to:

  • to share the life of your company (new member in your teams, arrival of a new machine),
  • to show your know-how,
  • to announce the release of a product or service,
  • to announce your presence at a trade show,
  • to publish articles related to your activity,
  • answer your audience’s questions,
  • to share customer reviews…

This list is not exhaustive because the subjects to be treated have no limits! It is even possible to play with seasonality and the major events of the year. The blog also allows for good online referencing and therefore a better visibility.

In addition to animating your blog, you can write a newsletter. Whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, it will reach your target by offering them content that meets their expectations.

Communicate On Social Media

Social networks are numerous and each company can find its place on these latest generation communication tools. Undisputed leader, Facebook is a social network that brings together 40 million active users in France. It offers specific pages for professionals as well as an advertising service. Depending on your activity, you can also consider other social networks. Instagram and Pinterest both work around visuals. They are very useful if your field of activity is aesthetic such as decoration, gardening, beauty, fashion, design, tourism or food trades. Twitter is also a must for companies operating in a dynamic market.

Just like the blog, social networks must be animated. The data must be up to date. It is also very interesting to use social networks to get in touch with your audience and answer any questions.

Develop A Professional Network

As professionals, you need a network. In addition to being useful to carry out your activity, this network allows you to make yourself known. Of course, you can go through your employees, your suppliers, your resellers or your service providers to develop it. 

But you can also use social networks. LinkedIn is the perfect example of this since it allows you to follow the news of a field of activity and create links with other companies and professionals. If you do salons, you will also be able to expand your network easily and quickly.

Make Yourself Known To Your Community

Thanks to the internet and social networks, you will be able to make your business known. However, it can also be useful to make yourself known locally. To achieve this, it is enough to meet companies and traders. You can distribute flyers or business cards and of course introduce yourself.

It is sometimes wise to organize open houses to make yourself known. Focus on user-friendliness rather than protracted presentation. Offer drinks and appetizers, and make sure each guest understands your activity. On this occasion, you will also be able to develop your professional network. If you have samples, now is also the time to distribute them.


Like websites, advertising adapts to all budgets. To choose the right format, you must take into account the target audience but also the type of activity of your company. Also know that it is possible to reach a large audience as well as a small audience, but the ideal is to convert as many people as possible into customers.

To advertise, you can opt for:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Social networks
  • Internet
  • Flyers
  • Posters

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