Reasons To Buy SIM From!

Reasons To Buy SIM From!

10digi is a leading digital platform to get solutions to all your SIM connection requirements. It is the only provider in India that provides home delivery of all SIM connections from all the operators PAN India.

10digi has been in the market for more than 5 years now and has fruitfully served various happy customers. The ease of life that 10digi provides to its customers is what makes it unique.

Here are a few reasons, as given by the 10digi customers on why you should definitely try for your SIM connection requirements.

All Operators Available

No matter where you go, to operator stores or local vendors, it is very difficult to find all the operators together. At, you actually do not have to go anywhere. Just sit where you are and explore all the operators, look for the plans and get your SIM home.

Best Plans Available

Another important decision to make is the plan that you want for your new connection. It can be very difficult to choose from the wide list of plans that are available in the market. But at 10digi, you get especially curated, top selling plans that are loved by all the customers. You also get tags on the plans that are high on data value or best priced.

Offers Available

It’s very difficult to get offers when buying a SIM connection, but at you stand a chance to get upto 20% off on various products and services.

All Types Of Connection Available

Another benefit of 10digi includes availability of all connection types. Generally, you get delivery of only postpaid connections but here, you can get prepaid connection, postpaid connection or can even port the number online sitting at home.

Services Available At 10digi:

Here is the detailed list of services that you can get from

  1. Airtel Prepaid connection
  2. Airtel postpaid connection
  3. Port to Airtel
  4. Jio Postpaid Connection
  5. Jio Prepaid Connection
  6. Port to Jio
  7. Vi Prepaid Connection
  8. Port to Vi
  9. BSNL Prepaid Connection
  10. Port to BSNL
  11. VIP Number Feature Available

You don’t get 10 numbers to choose your number. Instead you can choose from thousands of numbers starting from Rs. 45. These numbers can be anything you like. Your birthday or your favourite combination. And it is simply delivered and activated at your home.

There is a lot more that you can get from It is definitely to make your life easier and the SIM buying process better. Go to 10digi to check out other exciting benefits from the company.

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