What Are The Technical Specifications Of The New iMac?

What Are The Technical Specifications Of The New iMac?

After a decade in the same vein, the most anticipated Mac redesign has finally arrived. Apple has revolutionized the iMac family with groundbreaking features in its 2021 model. The iMac arrives with the same concept as the iPad Pro that was renovated outside and inside. 

This iMac is Lighter, thinner, and with a more varied range of colors. But the colors are not the only thing that Apple has changed, which takes care of all the details in this iMac. It has been many years since we have seen colored iMac and now the company surprises us with its most complete range with up to seven different shades. 

From the handle of its box, in fabric and the same color as the computer, to the accessories that accompany it: a Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. Plus, it packs the M1 chip into a slim, lightweight computer.  The screen, at just 1.15cm thick and less than 5kg in weight, makes this iMac one of the lightest all-in-ones on the market. This Retina display, with 4.5K and 24’ allows you to capture even the smallest detail. 

It doesn’t matter if you want it to work, edit photos and videos or watch a movie. With the P3 color gamut and 500 nits of brightness, it allows you to see more than one billion colors. It also has an anti-reflective film and True Tone technology that automatically adjusts the temperature of the screen, thus achieving more realistic tones. The screen, which is modeled after the iPad Pro, as can be seen from its flat back, is attached to a metal base. This base is attached to the screen by means of an axis that allows it to be tilted at the angle we want. This means that together with its anti-reflective system it can be used in very bright rooms perfectly.

 Although the screen has reduced its edges, it still keeps them white, just like it keeps its chin. In this chin, it incorporates all its components: speakers, microphones, camera fans, and motherboard.

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This iMac is having four USB-C ports, two of which have a Thunderbolt interface. They also have VGA, HDMI, and DVI outputs. It also has a charging port, with an Ethernet connector.

 A detail where the quality of this iMac and the care with which this redesign has been made is appreciated is the lightning cable to UCB-C. Made of braided material, this cable is used to charge all the peripherals that accompany the new iMac. This material is also found in the cable that accompanies the power supply, which is connected to the iMac through a system of magnets. And speaking of the power supply


As shocking on the outside as on the inside, the rework they’ve done on this iMac is impressive. We had already seen the M1 chip in other Macs. The MacBook Air, the 13 ”MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini that Apple introduced last year already had this processor.

As in those 2020 computers, the new iMac model features the M1 chip. Thanks to this, it has been able to reduce the size of its internal components and, therefore, its thickness, becoming the thinnest all-in-one on the market. Also, if we compare it with its predecessors, the M1 chip makes it a computer twice as powerful, with greater autonomy and speed. In addition, it incorporates two fans with which the heat is reduced and the performance of the equipment increases.


In the sound section, we also find innovations. The new iMac 2021 features a new six-speaker system with Dolby Atmos on the chin of the screen. This chin is the only remaining reminiscence of previous iMac models. In addition, we also find two pairs of canceling woofers that offer deep and defined bass.

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