What Is Advertising At The POS? What Are The Types of Advertising At The POS?

What Is Advertising At The POS? What Are The Types of Advertising At The POS?

Companies that want to improve sales need to install one of the different types of advertising at the point of sale (POS) that exist in the commercial establishment.  In this context, advertising at the point of sale is presented as the best solution to increase sales.

Advertising At The POS 

Advertising in the place of sale is called advertising of the brand or its products that takes place, effectively, at the same point of sale. Surely more than once you have entered a large store inside which there were brand logos on large posters or in novel designs as well as other elements to attract attention to certain products. 

Advertising at the point of sale attracts the visitor’s attention to certain products. It Offers some kind of extra relevant information about the product offered. And also Improves brand awareness as well as recognition of your logo and products. There are several types of advertising at the point of sale, in fact, this resource is continually reinvented to generate increasingly powerful messages.

What Are The Types of Advertising At The POS?

Today the Internet contributes a lot to improve the information on products, prices, and benefits, it is still the point of sale that has the last word. Some of the types of advertising at the POS are:


Headers are those pieces of furniture that are located at the end of the gondolas, at the crossroads of the corridors. It is estimated that the products that are placed in the headlines increase sales. They are considered a hot spot to locate products that you want to give out. 

Special exhibitors

These are the brand manufactures expressly for a specific product of a brand and that it seeks to show its main characteristics at a glance. 


Roll-up is also usually used to advertise specific products at the same point of sale. One of the advantages it offers is that the interior poster can be replaced in subsequent campaigns, using the same roll-up device. The roll-ups are very easy to install and have a great impact on the customers.

Counter displays

Counter displays are located in the checkout boxes and usually contain products that encourage impulse buying. They seek to give visibility to articles that if not placed in this place would have less output.


What in the world of printing we call a poster. Like the shop windows, the posters are located on the facade of the commercial premises and are intended to capture the attention of the people who pass by.  It usually includes attractive offers and promotions that invite the user to enter the interior of the establishment. 

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