What Are The Tricks To Become A Better Writer?

What Are The Tricks To Become A Better Writer?

There are little tricks that you can improve to become a better writer. Writing in a blog in a style that readers like is not an easy task. Writing well is not just about not making mistakes in writing. An essential element is the ability of the writer to convey a message and make an impact on the people who read his articles.

Write The Content As You Speak

It doesn’t mean that you should use the “swear words” that you use when you talk with friends. Don’t seek to create complicated phrases that make you seem smarter. In most cases, the exact opposite occurs. 

 People will think that you are an idiot because you cause them to feel arrogant and arrogant. We are not saying that such a strategy cannot work in some cases. For most of us, failure is certain. Make reading as comfortable and simple as possible to achieve a positive impact on the reader. The writer should keep this before witing article.

Be Specific

While you are writing about a topic, try to give examples. If you can, add figures and data. These elements are necessary to your content that improves the level of understanding by readers. 

It is something that I also have to improve on this blog. Most of us writers make the mistake of thinking that something that is obvious to us is obvious to the rest of the world as well.

Close With A Call To Action 

Few contents manage to generate an impact on the reader. We live in the age of consumption that also applies to the world of information. A call to action can leave that imprint on the user that you may be looking for. Convince him that he has to-dos once he has read your article. It can be as basic a thing as ending with a question. With a bit of luck, he will return little he remembers you and the “homework” you have given him.

Use Short Sentences

Very long sentences are difficult to read and understand. In most texts, the sentences can be cut into 2 or 3 parts. Always when you realize that you are creating a new phrase after continuing with “and” or “or” put a point to separate them. Although I recommend writing as you speak, you have to put this limitation for better reading by the reader.

Tell A Story At The Starting

 If you can share a story of your own. It is key to hook the visitor to prevent him from fleeing as quickly as he has arrived. Although it sometimes seems that not, people are interested in the lives of others. We want to learn from their mistakes and live the experiences “together” with them. If you write in a blog format you cannot avoid sharing part of your own life as well.

Highlight The Limitations 

The perceived quality of the content is not only related to the text or appearance. An important factor is sympathy or antipathy that the author of it can generate. Highlighting limitations is a way of showing humility. No one can know everything so it is not a good idea to try to give an image of an “expert” who pretends to know everything.

Stop Repeating Words In The Same Paragraph 

The basic and simple trick is to stop repeating the words, but one that improves reading tremendously. Within the same paragraph, you should avoid making duplicate use of the same verb or noun.

 It is not always possible because we are not all Cervantes and we have an infinity of time at our disposal to find the perfect expression. What in no case should be done is the repeated use of one phrase to the next. If the writer has to write he should follow all these rules.


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