How To Create A Teaser Campaign?

How To Create A Teaser Campaign?

In this article, we are going to discuss the teaser campaign.

There are ways of advertising that are still as effective today as they were a few years ago. A good example is teaser campaigns. Advertising and marketing are living disciplines that are always evolving.

What Is A Teaser Campaign?

We all want to know more, especially when there is something that arouses our curiosity. And this is precisely what a teaser advertising campaign does.

Instead of directly showing us the product or service you want to sell us and telling us about its advantages, it shows us very little. This causes the public to voluntarily go for more information or wait anxiously for it. But keep in mind that not all campaigns of this type are the same, we can differentiate between them:

Total Teaser

It occurs when the public knows absolutely nothing about the advertiser. It occurs in those cases in which a brand is going to be launched on the market and wants to generate expectation among its potential customers.

Partial Teaser

In the Partial teaser, the public does have references about the brand. You can recognize their colours, their typography, the logo, etc., but you have no knowledge about the specific product or service that you want to advertise.

When Is A Teaser Campaign Usually Used?

Teaser campaign is mainly used for a product launch or when a new seasonal campaign starts for example. The timeline of the campaign is segmented into different periods to create this intrigue among the public and finally, the product and the brand are shown, either in an outcome or linking all or part of the previous segments. 

This kind of campaign can be used in different media, starting with outdoor advertising or billboards and ending with television, for example, achieving a more far-reaching

Probably after reading how easy and cheap, it is to make a teaser, in addition to the wide distribution possibilities it offers, you are considering how to make one focused on your product or service. Here are some guidelines for you to launch your own teaser.

The information offers the right and necessary amount of data to catch the viewer. In fact, if you hesitate, it’s better to fall short than go overboard. Overwhelming does not generate curiosity.

The most useful thing to attract the public is usually, more than the financial capacity to produce the teaser, creativity and originality. You have very little time to make a big impact so use whatever resources you can think of.

Be careful with the dates. Leaving too much time between the release of the teaser and the product or service can destroy all the expectations we had worked on. The public easily forgets everything that has to do with advertising.

How To Create A Teaser Campaign?

Now that we know what a teaser campaign is, it’s time to see how it can be put into practice.

Go ahead with the fact that this type of advertising is more effective when presenting products or services that the public does not know. The message must be powerful enough to attract attention and arouse the desire to know more.

 Next, you have to choose very well the communication channels to use and establish a work schedule. First, we show the public that message that arouses their curiosity and sometime later we reveal the product or service. Although it is good to maintain the intrigue for a while, it is convenient not to overdo it. A period of one to three weeks is usually ideal.

Once the teaser campaign has been launched, don’t forget about it. It is convenient to follow up to see how it is evolving and the impact it causes. Even if the desired objective has not been achieved, a campaign cannot be left halfway, it must be completed and the product or service revealed. Leaving it hanging would generate a very bad image for the company.

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