What Are The Uses Of NFC Technology ?

What Are The Uses Of NFC Technology ?

Modern Android mobile devices incorporate NFC technology that provides innumerable advantages to users who own Android mobile devices

What Is NFC?

NFC refers to Near Field Communication,  which we can translate as near field communication.

It is a  high-frequency wireless technology  with a very low operating radius, so to use it you must be at least 15 cm from the device with which you interact. Its operation is based on the creation of an electromagnetic field in which, through induction, an exchange of information is generated between both devices.

For this technology to work, two devices are required, a transmitter and a receiver. All latest-generation mobile devices have NFC technology with two operating modes: NFC Active Mode and Passive mode

What Are The Uses Of NFC Technology ?

With NFC you can do almost everything. From opening the doors of the metro, as we say, with your mobile phone, to paying in most establishments.

Pay With Smartphone

In 2011 Google introduced  Google Wallet , a mobile payment system based on NFC technology,  which allows you to digitize credit cards and make payments with them through your smartphone.

This is probably the most common use of NFC technology today and one of the most interesting. If your mobile phone has NFC technology, you can download a payment application compatible with your bank , register your cards and bring your mobile closer to any contactless phone to pay. 

This system is currently known as Android Pay. The first companies to make use of NFC technology are Visa or MasterCard, by applying it to Contactless cards . With these payment systems, it is enough to bring the smartphone close to the dataphone to make the transaction.

This type of technology is already used in practically all establishments, especially in large cities. You can buy movie tickets, pay for a coffee, pay for dinner or buy a book.

Opening the car 

Using the mobile as a car access key will allow us to use smartphones to access the interior of the vehicle and even to start the engine.

File Transfer

This chips begin to integrate into some laptops like the HP Envy 14 Specter or on cameras like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS30 and DMC-TS5 to be sold from this month it possible to use these chips to transfer photos, videos and music with this standard, although they probably combine it with Bluetooth and WiFi Direct in order to increase transfer speeds.

For Identification 

It also serves to enter events and not have to carry an accreditation. With NFC technology, you will be able to accredit yourself to different events that you have to go to and to open the gate, you will only have to bring your mobile phone closer. 

Sharing the WiFi

The most useful ways to share WiFi with your guests is via NFC and you won’t have to tell everyone the password when they arrive. 

You just have to have an NFC tag with the WiFi password somewhere in the house and they will only have to bring their mobile closer to it to connect.

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