What Is TWS Technology? What Are The Advantages Of True Wireless Stereo Technology?

What Is TWS Technology? What Are The Advantages Of True Wireless Stereo Technology?

TWS means True Wireless Stereo. In recent years a wide variety of Bluetooth headphones have appeared on the market that has driven the development of this new technology.

What Is TWS Technology?

True Wireless Stereo technology is the one that allows you to pair two devices wirelessly and offer a higher sound channel than what we were used to date. Generally, this connection is made with headphones that incorporate this technology, through a Bluetooth connection of a terminal. 

In this way, it can be transmitted separately to each channel, the left and the right, generating a true stereo sound. Stereo sound is much more pleasant and natural than listening to monophonic music.

How Does TWS Technology Work?

True Wireless Stereo technology (TWS)needs three devices for its operation:

The Player 

It is the original source from which the sound is emitted and the Bluetooth is connected. The most used devices for this function are the smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.

The Slave Device 

This receives the connection from the master device and is the one associated with the ear canal paired in the first instance. In this way, a more enveloping and quality sound is achieved.

The Master Device 

It is the device you want to connect to the player. Typically, it is a headset or speaker that connects to the Bluetooth beacon.

The pairing between master and slave devices is automatic via Bluetooth. Once joined, they begin to issue a series of internal commands that verify and calculate a series of factors that allow reaching a quality standard. 

Therefore, the sound arrives with better quality and without interruptions. The speed, that is, the time it takes for the signal to bounce from one device to another, is what will determine the quality, but this not only depends on them but also on the environment in which they are. Currently, the latest version is Bluetooth 5.2, the more the versions are improved the faster they reach.

What Are The Differences Between Wireless Headphones and True Wireless Stereo?

Wireless headphones can be divided into four different categories:

  • On-ear wireless headphones (over-ear pad).
  • Over-ear or circumaural wireless headphones (surround the ear with the pad).
  • Wireless in-ear ( in-ear) headphones connected by a neckband.
  • TWS (True wireless stereo) headphones.

They all run on batteries and use Bluetooth to connect to your cell phone, laptop, music player, notebook or even a turntable.

The wireless in-ear or in-ear models have a neckband that connects each earbud, making them ideal for runners who want the freedom of a wireless connection with the security of a cable that keeps their earbuds firmly around their neck.

In the case of on-ear and over-ear wireless headphone models, the cable that connects them to the device is simply lost; otherwise, they look very similar to regular wired headphones, these types of headphones generally offer noise isolation.

The big difference from the previous ones is that TWS headphones do not have any type of cable, sometimes they are called mini headphones or small headphones. For some, this means true freedom; For others, true untethered wireless technology means the constant danger of losing them.

What Are The Advantages Of TWS?

The advantages of TWS and why they have become a staple in recent years will be explained, both among athletes and ordinary people:

High-Quality Sound 

It should take into note that the older versions had a more limited data transfer capacity. But the most recent ones offer very good audio quality, even in high resolution. This has led to more and more users choosing these models over previous designs.


These are usually very light devices, designed to be easy to transport and so that you can hardly notice that they are being worn.

Simple And Easy To Set Up

True Wireless Stereo devices are very easy to set up. It is only necessary to find the Bluetooth to which you want to pair them. For this to happen, both devices must be connected and close to each other.

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