YTS | Download Latest Movies, Tv Series| Proxy Unblock| Updated 2022

YTS | Download Latest Movies, Tv Series| Proxy Unblock| Updated 2022

YTS is the best platform to download torrent files of many movies from different categories. This site is categorized as one of the best torrent sites. Anyone can download any movie and any TV show from YTS.

 You can enjoy your favourite movies by downloading them from YTS from anywhere in the world. Yts is the largest torrent sites around the globe. But few countries blocked this site as use of this type of sites are restricted in those countries.


YTS or YTS YIFY movies is the site where you can download lots of movies and TV shows. You can download movies from different languages like Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and many other languages. The best advantage of this site is, you can download movies with high quality like 720p, 1080p, and 4k

It is the best platform for the people who love to watch motion pictures and web arrangements. YTS Movies is the best motion pictures downloading site for those people

Many people think that downloading movies from torrent sites is risky. And after downloading it sometimes, they won’t get the film in HD quality. YTS is different from the other torrent sites as you are going to get the best high-quality movies.

How To Download Movies From YTS?

YTS site has millions of users. This is all because one can download movies from this website easily without any interruptions from other proxy sites.

The first thing you should do when you want to download the movies from YTS is to open the browser and search for the yify site. When you open the site, the presence of appearance itself makes you notice that it is effortless to download movies. After opening the site, search for the Search bar available on the top of the site’s right side, where you can search for your favorite movies.

The second step is entering the favorite movie that you wish to download. Then you will get the search results for that movie. Then click on that movie, and you get more details about that movie. You can observe the details of the film on the right side of that movie poster. 

The best feature available for the YTS site is you will get the ratings of that movie. The reviews for that will have appeared at the bottom of the movie. The other feature is that you can see the trailer of that movie at the bottom of the page, and under that, you can observe the ratings.

You can finally download the movie as you will get an option to choose the movie with different qualities like 720p and 1080p. Now, click on the format of the movie you like to download. 

What Makes This SiteDifferent From The Other Websites?

YTS is the site that has been listed among the best sites compared to other sites. You can easily download High-quality movies in YTS, and the best thing you could get from this site is you can even download 3d Movies with the best quality. 3d movies are rare, and though you download 3d movies from other sites, you can’t say that you will get the best quality available. But on the YTS site, you can download 3d movies with 1080p. In addition to this, you can even download subtitles of the movie from this site, as many people search for the subtitles if they are watching other language movies.

Is It Safe To Use YIFY?

It is the website where you can download a number of movies, but it is illegal to download and watch movies without your copyrights. This site is banned in some countries as per their regulations.

 There are many movies released from this site without copyrights. Some movies are newly released movies. So, the Government bans this type of website. You can use different methods in safe mode not to get caught to watch these movies.

What Are Clone Sites Of YTS?

There are some websites that are an available alternative to the YTS YIFY. These are the proxy sites that resemble the same as that of this site.When YTS gets banned in some countries, these are the sites available to download movies.

  • YIFY Proxy D
  • YIFY Proxy E
  • YTS Proxy 1
  • Yify Proxy C
  • YTS Proxy 2
  • Yify Proxy A
  • YTS Proxy 3
  • YIFY Proxy B
  • YTS Proxy 4

Alternative Sites 

There are some alternatives to these sites. These are the proxy sites that are available instead of YTS.

What Are The Legal Sites Alternatives To YTS?

It is the best downloading platform to download movies. But it is a proxy site, and downloading movies from these sites or this type of site is illegal. There are paid sites where you can watch or download movies without any fear. 

These are the sites that have got all copyrights to release on their websites. The only disappointment is you should pay some money to use these legal sites. But don’t worry, you don’t require lots of money to use these sites. Some of the legal sites are:

  • Aha
  • MX Player
  • Zee5
  • Amazon Prime

How To Watch Or Download Movies Safely On YTS?

There are some different methods to use this YTS site in a safe mode. By doing in that way, you won’t get caught. It would be best to use VPNs to download the movies from this site or stream movies from this site.

VPNs (Virtual private network) are those that change the location while using this type of sites. It will hide your IP address so that you can watch safely. But the disappointing thing is that you have to purchase as it won’t be free. 

Why Should You Use A VPN? Do You Need A VPN Along With An Antivirus?

Some VPNs are available for free of cost are not secure, and sometimes they won’t even work correctly. This is illegal to use this site, and we recommend you to use safe and legal sites. There are some VPNs you can use for the YTS site. They are:

  1. Ultravpn
  2. Tunnelbear
  3. Hotspot shield
  4. Nord VPN
  5. Ipvanish
  6. ExpressVPN
  7. Private VPN
  8. Surfshark
  9. Windscribe
  10. CyberGhost

What Are The Best Features Of This Site?

It has the best features as it attracts movie lovers by seeing the homepage. By seeing the homepage itself, you can say that the downloading of movies from this site is easy. There are different movies available from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood, etc…

At the beginning of the website, there are only a few movies available to download, and later on, movies of different languages are available. This is because increasing the number of users for this website. We can easily say that millions of users are using this YTS YIFY website. There are many categories available, like Action movies, Animation, Thrillers, Horror, Romance, etc.

Final Thoughts

This YTS website may be the best site for downloading movies, but it is illegal and crime to download movies from proxy sites. We are not encouraged to use this site. We are just providing information about the site. It is better to use legal websites for downloading.

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