Putlocker | Watch Free Movies And TV Shows For Free 2021 (Updated)

Putlocker | Watch Free Movies And TV Shows For Free 2021 (Updated)

Putlocker is a website where you can watch movies, TV shows, and HD movies. You can also download HD Movies and Web Series with High-Quality 720p and 1080p.Putlocker is a friendly site to operate .You don’t have to try hard to download movies,as you can download them quickly. You need high-speed Internet to download movies with formats like 720p and 1080p.

These are similar names of putlocker putlocker9, putlocker today, putlocker123, putlocker io, putlocker.to, Putlockers,Putlocker

What Is A Putlocker?

If you are a movie lover, This site is best for downloading or streaming a bulk of movies and TV shows. From this website, you can download HD movies and stream TV shows worldwide. 

There are few users at the starting of the site, and later on, it started growing. It has a million users as it keeps growing. This growth is because the site helps users download more number of the latest movies with high quality. You can browse this with fewer ads.

This site has become more popular, and the users of this site are increasing day by day. putlocker9 site started in 2012, and later as some of the sites get blocked due to the copyrights, the users of this site have grown at a time.

How To Download Movies From Putlocker?

Putlocker is one of the sites we have on the Internet to download movies and TV shows.It is a friendly site where you can download movies easily.At first open the putlocker today site. When you open the site, and after seeing the homepage, you will get to know that downloading movies or TV shows because the homepage appearance is very eye-catching.

Next check for the search bar on the top of the site. Enter your favorite movie or TV Show on the search bar and press enter, and there you will find the results for the movie you have entered. After that, press on the download link to download the film or press on the streaming link to watch the film.

You will find the resolution of that movie at the bottom of the download link so that you can choose the format you wish to download the movie or TV show.  

Is It Safe To Use Putlocker?

This is one of the questions that gets into many people’s minds while using the putlocker.to website. We can’t say that it is safe to use because many other proxy clone sites, like that of putlocker123, may lead you to other purposes. And It depends on the rules and regulations of some of the countries that won’t allow the users to use this kind of site. 

As it is a proxy site, many countries banned this site. But you can use VPNs to overcome that issue. Some of the proxy sites resemble that of Putlocker, and these sites will contain some viruses, so it is dangerous to download from that type of site. So, It is better to use and maintain antivirus for the system.

What Do You Think Of The Putlocker Website? Is It Legal Or An Illegal Site?

Putlocker is a website that contains many movies and TV shows. But the film you get from this site is piracy movies that are illegal to use. Many countries have reported against this site and banned the site in those countries. This is an unlawful proxy site where you can get the latest released movies.

The original Putlocker website was banned in 2016. From that day, they have changed the domain name of the Putlockers to other domain names. Many sites are available on Putlocker domain name putlocker9,Putlocker today, putlocker123, Putlocker io, and Putlocker.to, Putlockers, Putlocker, and it isn’t easy to know which one is the original site.

What Are The Other Clone Sites That Are Related To Putlocker?

This site is a well known and popular site for streaming and downloading. But, later, it is blocked as it is a proxy site. So, there are other clone sites you can use for downloading and streaming purposes. They are:



Solarmovie is one of the alternative sites for the Putlocker website. It has a massive collection of movies. You can watch numerous movies on this site for free of cost. 

You can request your favorite movies if that movie is not available to download or for streaming. You can also watch web series from this site with High Quality.



This site is the best and largest source for Movies, TV shows, dramas, and Animated shows. This site is free to watch movies and TV shows.123 Movies have different categories of movies with the genre, country, and many more.

This site’s main drawback is that you get ads sometimes when you click to download movies or TV shows.



Yify or YTS is the site where you can get top quality Movies with 4k. You can also get 3D movies with 1080p on this site. This site is one of the best alternatives from the other sites.

At first, they released only Hollywood movies. But as it is getting more users, they started to release Bollywood and other language movies like Tamil, Telugu, etc..

One of the drawbacks of the Yify website is you cannot watch/stream movies from this site. Besides this drawback, you have many benefits from this site as you download 4k Torrents from this site.



KissAnime is the site where you can get anime videos. This is the site for anime users where you can find different genres of all age groups.

 This site is not only for the kids. You can get your favorite videos for streaming. You’ll get the unique storylines and presentation styles of animation on this site.



Fmovies is the site where you can get the latest movies and TV shows faster than other sites. Fmovies have different mirror sites. It is better to get movies from its original site to get the best movies to download because some sites will lead you to download other softwares.

So, to avoid this type of download, better check the site before you download the movies. It has features like genres, animated and most-watched movies to help users to download their favorite movies.

Watch Series Online


Watch Series Online is the site where you can get any TV series. It is the perfect site for users who wish to watch TV series. You can download movies from different sites, but you may not find all TV series on that site, then you can get that TV series from this site. Not only downloading the series, but you can also stream your favorite shows from this site.



Putlocker.vip is one of the sites that resemble the same as that of the original website. By opening the site, you will get the same home page that of Putlocker, but it appears with Putlocker.vip

You cannot say that this is the alternative of the original putlocker io site as the original Putlocker site is blocked. You will find the search bar with different options like Top-rated IMDB, movies, TV series, and genre, and once you enter the name of your favorite film, you will get the options to stream or download. It has the same feature as that of accessing it without signing in and downloading movies for free.


movies watcher

This site may be one of the clone sites of the Putlockers, but the homepage is different from the other sites. It gives users a distinct appearance that attracts users to visit this site whenever they want to download the movie. You can search for movies from this site based on the popularity, film, and genre.

Yes Movies

Yes movies

YesMovies is the site where you can get the best and high-quality movies like 4k. This site has a different feature than the other proxy sites, and it is that you can also download your desired videos from this site. 

This site gives users the best experience to get their movies. It doesn’t require any registrations, and it is available for free. But if you wish to watch/stream videos of 4k, you have to register. Of course, the registration is free.

What Are The Legal Sites That Are Related To Putlocker?

We have mentioned above some of the alternative clone sites of the Putlocker. But, they are risky to use as they are proxy sites, and it is illegal to use that type of sites in India. So, we give you the list of the sites where you can watch your desired movies legally. These are the legal sites of the Putlocker. They are:


HBO max

HBO Max is the newest for the streaming world. As it is legal to use, it has original content like Legendary, Love life, On The Record, etc. It has the content from Warner Media and HBO that gives a bulk of content that users cannot find anywhere. 

You can also stream contents from TBS, Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema, CNN, TNT. It sounds a little-bit disappointing that it is not free of cost to access as it is legal to use.

Prime Video

prime video

Prime Video is known as Amazon Prime. Many of them may know about it. It has enormous content to entertain users .It is compatible with phones, PC\Laptop. It is the best streaming platform you can get.

 In this, you can find shows and movies for the kids to entertain them; you won’t be seeing it on many of the sites. The best feature is buying some of the film copyrights and releasing them directly on Amazon Prime. It gives you the best streaming experience.



Vudu is quite different from the sites mentioned above. This site provides services like giving the movie for rent. The above-given sites are subscription-based. This is the site where you can get the best movies and TV shows.

 Vudu website has other features that make it slightly different from other sites. You don’t have to buy or rent the entire season to watch some individual episodes, as Vudu provides to rent individual episodes. So that you can save some amount rather than buying the whole season, this website has a vast collection of movies and TV shows. 



Last but not least, as you don’t require any introduction for this site, that is Netflix. It has millions of subscribers worldwide and one of the best and most powerful platforms in the field of entertainment in the world.

Netflix has a massive number of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. It has many Netflix originals that brings goosebumps to the viewers.

Alternate Sites

Final Thoughts

The information we have provided above doesn’t mean that we are encouraging piracy websites. We want our users to understand that using proxy sites is an illegal offense. Beware of Proxy and clone sites and better use Legal sites that we have mentioned above.

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