Call To Action [CTA] Marketing

Call To Action [CTA] Marketing

The call to action or CTA is a key element in copywriting.

You can write highly persuasive texts, that if you don’t know how to encourage the user to take action and take the next step, it will have been useless.

The same happens if you are not clear about what objective you want to achieve with your copy, because then you will not know what action to ask the user to take.

As I say, it is a fundamental piece for sales. And that is why in this post, I come to give you ideas.

You will have examples of real brands and some proposals of calls to action that I make for you to be inspired and know how to approach this part of the copy.

What Is Really a Call to action?

A call to action or call to action is what we use to invite the user to do what we want them to do and that is related to our objectives.

Buy a product, hire a service, book a session, subscribe to your newsletter, download an ebook. The CTA can be in the form of a button or it can be a direct link.

Even many times, the call to action itself is within the text, explaining to the user what to do next.

And where do we put it?

It depends on the text itself.

  • When it comes to an email, we usually place one or more links throughout the email.
  • When it comes to the copywriting of a landing page, we use buttons and the number will depend on its length, although they are usually between 2 and 3.
  • Regarding ads, the platform itself usually includes a default button that we can customise many times, and we complement that CTA with a call to action within the text.

The point is that the user reads you and knows what they should do and, above all, what they will achieve after taking that action.

More effective calls to action

We are going to see the different types of most effective calls to action or CTAs and examples of all of them.

  • Calls to action in imperative verb

This type of call to action is widely used and has a great impact.

You’re literally telling the person the action you want them to do, and this goes right into the person’s brain.

Also, if you complement this tip with using actionable verbs related to benefits, it is even more powerful.

  • Calls to action that generate curiosity

Another way to encourage the user to click is to arouse curiosity.

They are less used CTAs but they also have a high impact, and really depend on the personality and tone of the brand.

You can generate that interest by creating expectations of what they will find when they click, with questions or with rare words and strong contrasts.

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