How To Choose Your Gaming Glasses?

How To Choose Your Gaming Glasses?

Gaming Glasses : Many people spend time in front of the screens of electronic devices. These may include televisions or computers.

For adults and children, looking at a screen has become commonplace in the day. However, this tendency can become detrimental to eye health . It is therefore necessary to find the means to protect against this kind of inconvenience. It is in this context that gaming glasses come into play . 

What Are The Selection Criteria For Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are accessories used to protect the eyes against prolonged exposure to a bright screen. Indeed, the various electronic devices used on a daily basis emit a particular light that can alter eyesight in the long run. This is confirmed by Doctor Seegmuller, specialist in ophthalmology. The latter gives the risks associated with prolonged exposure to light from screens: “  Located between 380 nm and 500 nm in wavelength, a significant part of so- called blue light is harmful to the retinal structure  ”.

About 80% of video game enthusiasts stay in front of their screens almost all day. It is therefore essential to protect yourself from the harmful effects of blue light by opting for gaming glasses . It is therefore necessary to know the criteria of choice   to better protect oneself.

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The selection criteria for its blue light blocking glasses

To choose the right and quality gaming glasses , several criteria must be taken into account in terms of their characteristics. These include filtration and reduction rate, ergonomics and comfort, and exposure time.

  • The rate of filtration and reduction

It varies depending on the model of gaming glasses. As a general rule, the filtration rate corresponding to efficient glasses is at least 30%. Thus, the normal brightness of the screens of electronic devices should be at the rate of 70% of that which is regularly perceived by the eyes. Thanks to gaming glasses, eye strain caused by screens is reduced by 90% for the most efficient.

  • Ergonomics and comfort

They should be both comfortable and sturdy . They will only be effective with a prolonged period of use, hence the importance of their durability. In terms of the material to choose preferably, steel glasses are considered to be more resistant, unlike those made of plastic which are more widespread on the market. For more comfort of use, the case and the soap are necessary to ensure their maintenance. It is especially necessary to choose glasses offering a pleasant design and lightness.

  • Exposure time

They must be effective every day, because the eyes find themselves at this frequency in front of the screens. Some glasses are not suitable to be worn for a whole day, but rather for a few hours. On the other hand, other specials, used for example by professional gamers, have a longer duration of exposure to blue light. The budget varies from one type of glasses to another and can vary between 25 and 50 dollars per pair.

Once you have made your choice, it is also useful to know how to use them knowing their importance.

How To Use Them Well?

Proper use of gaming glasses inexorably increases their effectiveness. It is therefore necessary to take into account the times when the eyes are exposed to blue light. Night times are not recommended to use them. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (ICRC) warns against exertion during the night, as it can lead to disease.

In addition, gaming glasses should not be used for prolonged periods to avoid disturbing the sleep cycle. Indeed, a feeling of fatigue can occur in this case. It should therefore be remembered that these glasses protect without curing.

The ideal would be to avoid exposure to screens. But, since this arrangement is almost impossible nowadays, this accessory is essential if you start gaming . They are especially so for those whose daily activities require them to be constantly in front of the screen of an electronic device. In short, it is important to be able to choose the right gaming glasses taking into account their characteristics. To this must be added the proper use of gaming glasses so that they remain more effective.

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