How To Connect Your PC To TV?

How To Connect Your PC To TV?

The most common way of viewing movies or shows on televisions was through a DVD. But today this has changed and we no longer need a physical format to be able to play movies on our television and even enjoy the sensation of playing our favourite video game on a big screen. 

It will be enough to connect the pc to the TV and enjoy all your favourite movies in high image quality. We will be able to see all the movies that we have downloaded to our computer, show our family the photographs of our last trip and make our television become a Smart TV. It is very simple, the only thing we only need to know is how to connect the pc to the TV. We can do this by connecting via cable or without cables.

How To Connect The PC To The TV With HDMI Cable?

By connecting the pc to the TV through HDMI cable will guarantee a good image and sound quality. Nowadays, most of the televisions have HDMI connectors and most computers are compatible with this cable.

It is very easy to connect pc to the television with HDMI cable. Get a cable that adapts to this port, searching the television for the channel determined for this input and navigating on your television screen as if it were the computer screen to be able to choose the content you want to see.

It is very important to check what type of HDMI inputs we have since there are two inputs, the normal and the mini-HDMI. It is important to take into account while buying the cable to connect the PC to the TV.

Where we are going to place the computer and choose one with enough length so that there are no problems. It could be the case that either our television or our computer does not have an HDMI connector. Then we will have to buy the appropriate cable for the type of connector we have or an adapter that converts the HDMI connection to the one we have.

In some computers that do not have an HDMI image output tend to have VGA or DVI. If we have any of these two outputs, we must take into account that we will also need an audio cable that we must connect either to external speakers or to the TV’s audio system, since just as the HDMI connection allows video and audio through a single cable the other two only allow video.

How To Connect The PC To The TV Without Cables?

 It is very comfortable in connecting the PC to Tv wirelessly tan connecting through cables. The wireless connection can be done in two different ways:

  • The first way is, we should have a Smart TV, it will have WiFi, so there will be no problem in connecting the pc to the television via WiFi, following some simple instructions that both the computer and the television will provide. It is important to verify that both devices are connected to the same network.
  • If we don’t have a smart TV, there are some external devices through which we can transform our TV into a Smart TV. Some of them are those of Chromecast, Apple TV or a USB device. We will connect them to the television through an HDMI input or USB port, we will configure them in the WIFI network so that they can transmit the signal from the computer to the television.

What Are The TV Models To Connect The PC To TV?

Connecting the pc to the TV will be determined by the characteristics of our television. If we focus on Samsung televisions and LG televisions, leading manufacturers in the market, they have televisions both with integrated WiFi and others that do not have it but that do have HDMI connectors.

If we are looking for an infinite screen with a Samsung UE65RU6025KXXC Ultra HD 4K TV, it will allow us to live experiences like we have never done before. This smart TV allows you to connect any type of device via cable or through the Wifi connection. 

So you can connect the pc to this Samsung TV through the connection we prefer. Another model with which to connect your PC or other devices without problems and enjoy a totally realistic image is the Samsung QE55Q65RAL Ultra HD 4K television.

Connecting an LG television to the pc is very simple, whether it is a model that has WiFi such as the LG 43UM7000PLA Ultra HD 4K television or it is a Smart TV with HDMI connectors such as the LG 55SM8200PLA Ultra HD 4K television. Most of the models that are available currently on the market have integrated WiFi.

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