How To Keep The Air Conditioner In Perfect Condition

How To Keep The Air Conditioner In Perfect Condition

The equipment of Air conditioning not only serves to refresh spaces. Using the air conditioning throughout the year allows you to take advantage of the installation, reduce energy consumption and enjoy healthier environments.

If we want to use the air conditioning throughout the year, it is essential to keep it in optimal conditions. To do this, there are a series of measures that will make the equipment perform at its best and optimize consumption :

Cleaning Filter 

If the system starts to heat up slower or with less heat capacity, it is time to clean the internal filters. Depending on the type, they will have to be vacuumed, washed or replaced with new ones. Normally it is enough to clean or renew them twice a year: before the hot season and in winter.

Energy efficiency 

The global trend is to reduce CO2 emissions and increase the energy efficiency of household appliances has led to the emergence of technologies such as inverters or VRF, capable of adapting the power of the equipment to the room’s air conditioning needs, regulating the speed of the integrated compressor . Thus, it is convenient to look for these technologies in air conditioning systems to help the domestic economy and the environment.


In homes where there are people with allergy or respiratory problems, it is advisable to disinfect the filters (once they have been washed and dried, or renewed) with special products that eliminate bacteria. Wait at least one hour after disinfection, before restarting the unit.

Cleaning Outdoor unit 

Outdoor Unit is usually filled with dirt, leaves, branches, papers . It is essential to check it often and remove any element that may hinder its proper functioning.

How To Use Air Conditioning Heating Efficiently In Winter

Nowadays air conditioning systems work with heat pumps. This makes it possible to use the air conditioning to support heating during the rest of the year. If temperatures are not too low, it can be used as a single system and reduce consumption by up to 40% .

These are the Tips that can help us to get the most out of the team,:

The temperature should be set at 22 degrees . Above this level, each degree more will increase the electrical consumption by 7% and will dry out the air.

With outside temperatures below 5 ° C, the heat pump loses efficiency . It is better to use it on specific days, when the temperatures are not so low. During those days, it will be much cheaper than turning on the gas heating or electric radiators .

The heat pump heats the spaces immediately . It can be connected if we are going to be in the room for a short period of time, and thus avoid turning on the general heating.

How To Use The Air Conditioner As An Air Purifier

All devices include filters that retain dust particles ; but in recent times new materials have been incorporated that improve this performance. Filter efficiency is measured with a scale called MERV (Minimum Efficiency Report Value).

In general, household equipment has filters (carbon, HEPA, electrostatic) with a MERV rating between 8 and 13. Those with a MERV class 8 remove fine dust particles, mold spores, pet hair and some aerosol particles. Those of class MERV 13 retain bacteria, smoke and practically all the particles of the aerosols.

Coming to the materials, they can be nylon (washable and present in many devices), activated carbon (disposable and very effective against odors and fumes), electrostatic (they generate ozone and filter dust and ash particles) .But to use air conditioning as a purifier, it is advisable to bet on specific equipment. Like LG’s air conditioning and Air Purifying equipment , which neutralize the components that cause environmental pollution.

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