SD Card And MicroSD: How To Choose Your Memory Card?

SD Card And MicroSD: How To Choose Your Memory Card?

SD Card And MicroSD : The large amount of information on the SD card does not facilitate the purchase. You must understand the transfer speeds, the type, the class of the memory card. This complete guide to understanding this storage medium will help you find your way around. 

The SD card is revolutionizing the digital world. It offers an interesting alternative to increase storage space and avoid saturating the internal memory of a device. Yet the details about this removable memory remain incomprehensible to many of us. This article sheds more light on its features. Indeed, to make the right choice, you have to know how to decipher them.

The Function Of An SD Memory Card

Before getting to the heart of the matter and understanding the label of an SD card , it is important to know its function. An SD card is a memory card intended for storing data . It can contain different types of files: images, videos, encrypted data. This removable medium adopts an electric reading and writing system. This improves its compatibility, with increased performance compared to a mechanical hard drive . The card sports flash memory technology . Consequently, the entered data remains engraved. The system was then condensed into a compact format. Many devices include an SD reader such as video game consoles, GPS, on-board devices, smartphones, tablets.

What Is The Difference Between An SD Card And A Micro SD Card?

The Secure Digital association experienced a meteoric rise with the creation of the SD card. Users show a preference for the SD card in its classic format and the micro SD. The difference between the two lies in their size . Computers, digital cameras, cameras work with an SD card.

The micro format is aimed more at mobile terminals. Today manufacturers only integrate a micro SD card reader on phones . However, it is also compatible with media using an SD card thanks to an adapter. These are not the only two available. There is also the mini SD card. However, users prefer both formats: classic and micro.

The different types of SD cards

The SD Association had to deal with the rapid development of technology and constantly improve its products. On the support, you will easily decipher the type through the capital letters. The figure with a unit in GB corresponds to the storage capacity . Thanks to changing needs, several types of SD cards have emerged.

The SD card

For a long time, the classic SD card was the standard for removable memory. This has its capacity limits. Generally, it offers between 128 MB and 2 GB of space.

The SDHC card

Storage requirements are steadily increasing. The SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card was born to meet these expectations. It offers a volume of 4 to 32 GB . It benefits from other improvements, such as faster write and read speeds. These cards provide a speed of 50 MB/s to 150 MB/s.

The SDXC card

The SDXC format concretely meets its “eXtend Capacity” definition or extended capacity. Indeed, the 32 GB limit is no longer sufficient. Consumers enjoy storage from 64 GB to 2 TB . In addition, SD introduced by this card a more efficient file system with exFAT. The transfer speed also increases from 50 MB/s up to 312 MB/s.

The SDUC card

The SDUC card for SD Ultra Capacity lives up to its name. It is shaking up the market with its ultra- fast speed, which is close to 1 GB/s. Its capacity varies from 2 TB to 128 TB .

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