What Are The Best SEO Tools For Beginners?

What Are The Best  SEO Tools For Beginners?

Who wants to have a successful online project should take it hand in hand with a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. However, without the proper use of the proper analytics tools, it will be difficult to determine which SEO strategies will actually drive a web page to the top of search engines.

 In the same way, it will be very difficult to diagnose with the naked eye those failures that prevent a good ranking in search engines. Thus, SEO tools become a necessary instrument for deep monitoring of any website.

We invest in paid tools because we want our services to be of quality, but there are some free tools that are very useful and essential. They are:

Free SEO Tools

SEO always requires investment, both time and money. But this does not always mean that you have to use payment tools. It is true that the most complete ones require a recurring payment, but there are many free SEO tools to save time on some tasks, of which we are going to see the most important that you should have in your basic kit.

Google Search Console

Yes, Google’s Search Console tool is one of the first free SEO tools that you should use in your strategy.

Search Console offers relevant information about your site, how it appears in the search engine and about the visits it receives. To use it you have to add it with your Google account and verify it. You can do this in a number of ways, but they are all straightforward and well explained during the verification process.

Once your site is verified, you will have very important visibility data at your fingertips that you can use to optimize your content. You also have access to crawl errors, structured data, HTML enhancements,  sitemap, etc.

Google Analytics

Google offers you  Analytics, another very practical free tool to improve the SEO of your site. The registration and verification process is simple and very similar to the previous one. In addition, you can synchronize it with the Search Console to cross visit data.

With Google Analytics you will be able to analyze the behaviour of users who visit your website and discover what changes you can make to improve the user experience and search engine ranking.

SEO Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO tool is free and can be downloaded from its official website. The free version has certain limits, but for small and medium sites it can be used without paying an annual license.

The main function of Screaming Frog is to crawl your website to extract relevant information for on-page SEO: images, meta tags, links, code files (CSS, HTML, PHP…) and much more.

These are the top 3 SEO tools for beginners that you should always have in your basic kit. If you want to go a step further and use more specific tools, there are some that offer free trials or for very little money. For example, you have the  Backlink Checker of  Ahrefs or 7 day trial for some price. SEMRush is very similar and usually offers free trials for the first use.

In short, the use of SEO tools is not exclusive to those with high budgets. Anyone can and should use the free tools, with which you can start optimizing the basics of SEO.

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