What Is Buzz Marketing? How Does Buzz Marketing Affect Sales?

What Is Buzz Marketing? How Does Buzz Marketing Affect Sales?

Marketing became one necessity for every one of us. In this article, we’re going to discuss Buzz Marketing.

We live in the age of social networks and the internet, where communication between people and online content is spreading and gaining more and more weight within society. For this reason, companies are choosing to carry out marketing strategies according to the situation, trying to expand their brand and make it reach the whole world through these channels.

 In this article, you will get to know about buzz marketing, a marketing strategy that has become very popular in recent years and how it is applied within companies.

What Is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating expectation and improving the brand image. So users think well about your product and, most importantly, they recommend it to their close circle (family, friends, colleagues work, among others).

 In this technique, word of mouth is crucial, since it is the way in which you will try to improve the brand image and, consequently, boost the sale of the product or service.

It should be noted that, when carrying out buzz marketing, it is not convenient to carry out a mass marketing strategy. We are going to focus on a specific type of customer, the so-called “early adopters” (those looking for news), and segmentation will play a very important role when it comes to making the product known.

For an example of a buzz marketing strategy is hiring influencers, people with many loyal followers on social networks who give a good image of the product. These followers trust the word of the influencer, which causes a very positive effect on the image of the product, reaching thousands and thousands of people and triggering sales.

How To Develop Buzz Marketing?

Although there are quite a few ways to implement a buzz marketing campaign, all of them have four crucial stages: teaser, dissemination, reveal and analysis of results


The first stage of a buzz marketing campaign tries to convey the values of the brand without actually revealing the product itself.

 The intention of this stage is to capture the attention of as many people as possible, generate expectation and transmit confidence so that, later, they spread the brand message.


At this moment we have to think about getting that message to the whole world through a communication strategy that must be effective and attract attention, with the freedom to be able to show everything we want about our product or service.

 Usually, this stage was carried out through advertisements on television, but more and more videos are found on YouTube and the internet, which are cheaper and end up reaching a greater number of potential clients.


Once attention is captured, it is time to reveal who is behind the teaser. At this time, we make the product or service known to the entire market, we show what we are going to offer and who we are who does it.

Analysis Of Results

This strategy is focused on measuring results, since current tools allow companies to know how far the product has reached, in which countries it has been consumed more, what type of customers buy it, etc.

Therefore, the last step is to analyze the results obtained in the campaign, analyzing the strengths and recognizing the weaknesses of our strategy to correct them in the future.

Buzz marketing is a strategy fully adapted to current trends. Through it, companies can send a message without having to show the product they are going to offer, to create excitement and, later, reveal it and make the company’s sales soar.


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