4Movierulz | Download All Latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu And Malayalam Movies | Proxy Unblock (2023 Updated)

4Movierulz | Download All Latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu And Malayalam Movies | Proxy Unblock (2023 Updated)

4movierulz is an illegal website to download all genres of movies in different languages, viz. Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, etc., all regional and international movies. It also provides a unique and simple interface. There are so many proxy sites related to movierulz.com, which we are going to discuss further.

The main reason to download movies from movierulz.com is because it is one of the world’s most popular torrent sites. It leaks all films within a short time. There are many torrent platforms but 4movierulz is distinct in many ways that are discussed below.

Are you looking to Download recent movies or web series, then 4movierulz is the best option. You can enjoy all kinds of films and web series here for free. You can even find movierulz with various extensions like .mn,.nl,.wtf,.st,.sl,.com, etc. The reason for changing domain names is it gets banned every time since it is an illegal site.

Before going to the main part of the article, if you want to download HD movies, we have written a dedicated article; you can have a look at the article which is mentioned below:

Download HD Movies 420p,720p,1080p 

History Of 4Movierulz

Initially, movierulz started with movierulz.com and started uploading the content on the website. Later it started changing the domain names 2movierulz, 3movierulz, and 4movierulz, and so on.

We try to provide all the information regarding the updates from the top-rated torrent sites globally, so keep an eye on our site.

What Is Movierulz

Like any other piracy website, movierulz also leaks all movies and webseries in the world. It provides all the recent and popular movies in the domain. And it also attracts a unique and simple interface. This is the reason the movierulz.com website has millions of visitors every month.

You can download all regional films like Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, and you can even enjoy World cinema. Not only one can download movies from the site, but also you can watch them online.

How To Download Movies On 4Movierulz Or Movierulz.com

Are you searching for a torrent site that provides regular updates about movies? Then, it would be best if you considered movierulz. It frequently updates its database with recent films, web series, TV shows, etc.

Since,movierulz changes its domain names,here are some domain names 4movierulz.mn, 4movierulz.pe,4movierulz.le.

All you have to do is go to the website mentioned above and search for your movie you want to download. Then, you are navigated to the download page.

You can find movies in different resolutions 360p,480p,720p and 1080p.Choose the movie with the resolution you want and save it in the desired path on your pc or mobile.

Movierulz Working Website URLs 2021 Updated

The most worrying problem for many users is visiting the movierulz site because there is constant change in website domains. So, to resolve, we are providing some of the working domains of movierulz.com :

  • https://4movierulz.mn/ 
  • http://4movierulz.plz/
  • http://3movierulz.gr/
  • https://4movierulz.prox4you.xyz
  • http://4movierulz.tv/ 
  • https://3movierulz.in
  • https://4movierulz.unlockproject.live
  • http://3movierulz.cr/
  • https://3movierulz.mrunlock.pro/
  • https://4movierulz.in
  • https://4movierulz.nocensor.icu/
  • http://4movierulz.ch/
  • http://movierulz2.co/
  • http://3movierulz.link/
  • http://4movierulz.cc/

You can download your favourite movies or web series, or TV shows by visiting any of the sites mentioned above.

How To Download Movies From Movierulz Safely

Yes, what you have seen is correct. There are many problems you’re going to face while downloading movies from the site.

Downloading movies from 4movierulz is simple, but the real problem evolves while downloading. Since the site owner gets revenue by displaying pop-up ads, it is annoying for us. And the page is redirected to some other page which is not necessary for us.

And one more problem is security. If you download movies from any piracy sites, you must make sure that you are connected to any VPN.VPNs make sure that your identity is not revealed in any case. In this way, they are beneficial. So, don’t forget to use VPNs before visiting illegal piracy sites.

Some Of The Best VPN Services

Recently Leaked Movies In Movierulz

  • Live Telecast
  • Vellam
  • Master
  • Zombie Reddy
  • Krack
  • Walter
  • Vadham
  • The Fog
  • The Croods
  • Minions Holiday Special
  • Robot Riot
  • Solar Impact
  • Amityville Island

Alternatives To movierulz.com

Here are some of the alternatives you can consider when the movierulz domain is completely banned, including proxies.

Legal Alternatives To 4Movierulz

Pros And Cons Of 4movierulz

As the coin has two sides, likewise piracy sites have both advantages and disadvantages, which we mention here :

Pros :

  • It has a unique and straightforward user-interface. So, anyone can download movies easily.
  • Movies with all resolutions 360p,480p,720p and 1080p are available
  • In addition to movies, web series and Tv shows are available for download.
  • The database is enormous, and it leaks movies time-time.


  • If you want to download a movie from the site, you have to bear pop-up ads
  • Not only 4movierulz, but any piracy site also have the problem of security since the malware attached to the promotional ads
  • Your data will be at risk if you don’t use VPNs
  • It is unlawful to download movies from piracy sites, and anyone found guilty can be punished

Movies That Are Available On 4Movierulz

English Movies All Genres

  • Action Movies
  • Adventure Movies
  • A-Z Dubbing Movies
  • Music And Video Songs
  • Old And Recent Releases

Tamil Movies All Genres

  • Tamil Action And Adventure Movies
  • A-Z Dubbing Movies
  • Music And Video Albums
  • Old And Recent Movies

Hindi Movies All Genres

  • Hindi Action And Adventure Movies
  • A-Z Dubbing Movies
  • Music And Video Songs
  • Old And New Releases

Malayalam Movies All Genres

  • Malayalam Action And Adventure Movies
  • A-Z Dubbing Movies
  • Music And Video Albums
  • Old And New Releases

Telugu Movies All Genres

  • Telugu Action And Adventure Movies
  • A-Z Dubbing Movies
  • Music And Video Albums
  • Old And New Releases

Kannada Movies All Genres

  • Kannada Action And Adventure Movies
  • A-Z Dubbing Movies
  • Music And Video Albums
  • Old And New Releases

Frequently Asked Questions On 4Movierulz

1.Why movierulz.com is popular

Movierulz4 is one of the top trending piracy websites in the world. It leaks all kinds of movies in all languages.

2.Which language movies 4movierulz leak

This site leaks all genres of movies in all languages, viz—Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, etc., all regional and international movies available here.

3.Is accessing 4movierulz legal

Downloading movies from illegal piracy sites is not legal, and it should not be encouraged at all, and you will be fined and imprisoned if you are found guilty.

4.How the site gets revenue

The site gets revenue by displaying pop-up ads. Once you enter the download page, you will notice many ads displaying; they earn revenue with these ads. Not only this site, but any piracy site also gets revenue in the same way.

5.How to protect our devices from hacking

The only way you can escape from hacking is by using VPNs. There are many VPNs available in the market, which we discussed earlier in this article; you can use any one of them in the list.


For downloading, many options are there, but no doubt movierulz stands tall among all those. Considering all the reasons, we suggest the site for downloading movies, webseries, Tv shows, etc.

4movierulz or its proxies like 4movierulz.VPN leaks premium content for free within no time of OTT release, which is illegal.

If you want more updates from us, don’t forget to bookmark our site. If you want particular topic, let us know in comment section below.


Websnipers team doesn’t encourage piracy. We provided all the information about 4movierulz just for educational purpose. Meanwhile, copying original content and using it for a commercial purpose is a punishable offence under the copyright act 1957.

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