Isaimini | Download Latest Tamil Movies | Proxy Unblock (Updated 2021 )

Isaimini | Download Latest Tamil Movies | Proxy Unblock (Updated 2021 )

Many people would love to watch movies. There are various categories of movies like releasing every year. Some of them are thriller-based movies, crime, romantic movies, and some are action movies. Some movies are released in specific areas; they are regional movies. It is difficult for some users to watch these regional movies as they are only released in some regional areas. So, many people like to download movies from sites like Isaimini. Torrents are a platform for movie lovers, where you can download several movies for free.

This torrent site is one of the best torrent sites that is available. Because this is one of the torrent sites that provide good quality content for the users, the movies available on this site have good resolution, and users can find many regional movies on this website.

About Isaimini

Isaimini is the torrent site where you can download movies, TV shows for free of cost. The movies available on this site have the best resolution, and users can enjoy watching movies free of charge. You can also have the choice to download the regional film with the best quality. You can also find newly released movies from this site. You can also download files like MP3, Mp4 also. 

What Are the Best Features available on Isaimini?

Isaimini is the torrent site where you can download lots of stuff like movies, TV shows, videos, Mp3 Songs, and many more. The best feature available on the site is dubbed movies. As there are many languages, it is difficult for the users to understand the other regions’ film. Some people may realize some languages, but it is difficult for many users to understand all the languages for those who like to watch different regions’ movies in their regional language. This tamil isaimini is a unique site that provides many dubbed movies.

The dubbed movies of different languages available on this site will have the best resolution like 1080p, 720p, and storage purposes the film is also available in 480p. The best and high-quality movies are available on the Isaimini website. This site is beneficial for Tamil movie lovers because every film of a different language that is dubbed into the Tamil language is available on this site. Of course, they are the best quality movies available on the website. 

The other best thing available on the isaidub site is that you can download the TV shows of the different languages, and you can also have the TV shows that are dubbed in the Tamil language. This is one of the best and unique features that makes Isaimini different from other sites. Because you may download TV shows from many torrent sites, but it isn’t easy to download dubbed web series, or TV shows Tamil. You can also download songs that have been dubbed in Tamil. This is the best website, mainly for Tamil Users.

What makes Isaimini different from other Torrent Sites?

Torrent sites make users believe that they are the best sites to download stuff. But many torrent sites have different kinds of ads that are present on the home page. This is one of the main problems with the torrent sites as the ads current on the torrent sites are automatically redirected to other sites. Some torrent sites manipulate the users and make users download their unwanted stuff. By downloading those types of sites, your personal information is sent to their sites. This makes users lose their info. 

So, it is better to stay away from those types of sites. Whereas coming to the Isaimini site, you won’t find any miscellaneous advertisements. The appearance of this website is straightforward and better to use. You can notice by seeing the Homepage itself. On this Isaimini site, you can find the Tamil movie Updates. In this category, you can find the daily updates of the latest Tamil movies.

How To Download Movies from Isaimini Site?

As we have mentioned above, it is the torrent site where you can easily download the stuff. The first thing you can do to download the movies from the Isaimini site is open the Isaimini site. The Homepage makes you believe that it is straightforward and looks very cool to download the film from this site. The sky-blue colour of the Homepage itself makes the appearance very pleasant to download the movies. As it is said before, this site is best for the Tamil movie Lovers. 

When you open this site, you can find the Homepage itself, Tamil movies of 2021, 2020, Tamil 2019 movies, and so on. The best feature is that you can download the Tamil HD mobile Movies. In this, you can find the movies that are compatible with the user’s mobile phones. It is difficult for many users to watch the film on their smartphones when the movies are downloaded with different aspect ratios like TV. This is one of the unique available. Now, search for the movie you would like to download, or if you know the movie’s release date, you can find by7 clicking on the year of the film it is released.

If you want to download the dubbed movie, you can find a separate category for that; it is Tamil dubbed movies category. Here, you can find many films that have been dubbed into Tamil. After that, click on the resolution of the movie which you would like to watch. Then, the movie will be automatically downloaded. You can even find the information or details about the film that is available on the top of the link.

Leaked Movies On Isaimini Website

There are leaked movies on the Isaimini website without the copyrights of that movies. Some of the leaked movies of the Isaimini website are:

  • Loveyatri
  • Hero
  • Bigil
  • Soorarai Pottru
  • Mismatched
  • 13 Aam Number Veedu
  • Sarileru Neekevvaru
  • Mookuthi Amman
  • Aashram
  • Asuran
  • NGK
  • The way back
  • Thadam
  • Theeviram
  • Silence
  • Kaapaan
  • Kanchana 3
  • Jhalki
  • Super deluxe
  • C u soon
  • Thambi

What Are The Collections That Are Available On The Isaimini Site?

Some of the Collections of Hollywood movies and web series or TV shows available on the Isaimini site are:

  • The Godfather Movie Collections
  • Blade Trilogy Movies Collection
  • Evil Dead Quadrilogy Collections
  • Gremlins Duology Collections
  • Rambo Movie Collections
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy Duology Collections
  • Smurfs Trilogy Movies Collection
  • The Bourne Pentalogy CollectionsThe Terror Season 1 (Collections)
  • Apocalypse Duology Collections
  • Saw Quadrilogy Collections
  • G I Joe Duology Collections
  • National Treasure Duology Collections
  • Underworld Trilogy Collections
  • Planet of the Apes Collections
  • Homeward Bound Duology Collections
  • Ice Age Movie Collections
  • Die Hard Trilogy Collections
  • Iron Man Trilogy Collections
  • The Hulk Duology Collections
  • James Bond Movie Collection
  • Kung Fu Panda Collections
  • Rocky Hexology Collections
  • Harry Potter Movie Collections
  • The Big Bang Theory (2007 to 2020)

What Are categories Available On Isaimini?

There are many categories available on the Isaimini website. Some of them are:

  1. Isaimini 2020
  2. Tamil dubbed movies
  3. Tamil Dubbed Collections [All]
  4. Hollywood Movies in (English)
  5. Tamil Yearly Dubbed Movies
  6. Tamil Lyric Videos
  7. Tamil Mobile Movies
  8. Tamil HD Wallpapers
  9. Tamil Mp3 Songs
  10. Tamil Ringtones Tamil HD Videos
  11. Tamil Genres Dubbed Movies
  12. Tamil HD Trailers
  13. Tamil HD Dubbed Movies [Daily Updates]

How To Download Movies Safely From Isaimini?

Downloading movies from proxy torrents have been banned in many countries, as it is a punishable offence to download movies from sites that are not having any copyrights to publish the film. It is risky to download movies from proxy sites. But there are alternative methods available to download movies from these sites. Using VPNs is one technique to download movies safely because these VPNs change your IP Address by hiding your original IP address. But using free VPNs is risky sometimes. It is better to buy genuine VPNs for safety. 

Genres Of Isamini

There are many movies available on the Isaimini website. Some of the dubbed genres available on the Isaimini website are:

  • Tamil Fantasy Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Thriller Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Animation Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Comedy Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Horror Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Drama Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Historical Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Science Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Crime Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Adventure Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Action Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Romance Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Mystery Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Family Dubbed Movies

What Are The Mirror Sites Of Isaimini?

The proxy torrent sites are banned in many countries. Some sites are the same as that of the Isaimini. Some of the mirror sites of Isaimini are:

  • Isaimini. cl
  • Isaidub
  • Isaitamil

What Are The Safety Legal Sites To Download Movies?

Some legal sites are always best to use safely. Because these legal sites have copyrights of the movie or TV shows that are publishing on their sites. Some of the best traditional sites available are:

  • Sun NXT
  • Zee5
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Sony LIV
  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • Mx Player
  • Aha

What Are The Alternatives ?

There are some alternative sites available that resemble the same as that of the Isaimini site. These alternatives might be a little bit different compared to the Isaimini. But these sites also reach the same as that of the Isaimini. Some of them are:


It is not safe and secure to use proxy sites. We are just providing the information about these proxy sites. We are not encouraging or supporting any of our users to use proxy torrent sites. So, it is better and safer to use legal sites.

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