All You Need To Know About New Chromecast

All You Need To Know About New Chromecast

All about the new Chromecast. Chromecast now with remote control, Quality and playback capabilities ,Google TV is the highlight

In the same event where the Google Pixel 5 and the Google Pixel 4 to 5G have been announced, we have been able to meet and discover the new Chromecast. What has been one of the most popular devices is now renewed with the Chromecast 2022 edition and an endless number of novelties that continue to give value and make it the perfect alternative to turn any TV into a Smart TV.

Since the first device presented in 2013 called Chromecast by Google we have seen an endless number of new features and changes that came for everyone, but in this generation the change is even more important. We stop depending entirely on the mobile to give it greater utility and allow a wider audience to take advantage of it.

All About The New Chromecast

The first thing that catches the attention of this new device is the size, although it is not designed to place it in front of the TV, to the side or not even see it, it is striking that we go from a reduced size to something larger. We still need only an HDMI input to use it and a plug that connects to the product via USB Type C, making the use very simple and suitable for anyone.

Inevitably we will continue to depend on a quality Internet connection such as the optical fiber where with its 100 MB or 600 MB we will be able to get the most out of this new Chromecast that already plans to reach thousands of users around the world in three available colors.

Chromecast now with remote control

The big change without a doubt is the arrival of the remote control to the Chromecast, an accessory that is not something innovative because we had already been able to see it in the competition with the Fire TV Stick I even exist the TV Box, an alternative to the Chromecast that offers us a similar experience adding the remote control.

But nevertheless this control does not want to be one more or any and is presented as the perfect alternative to communicate with the TV without depending on the mobile. It is a small device that integrates everything we may need to control what we send to our television.

Among the buttons that we can see in its design we find the backspace, Google Assistant, home, mute, YouTube, Netflix, off and finally the TV inputs. At the top we also find a system of buttons such as the classic dates that will allow us to take advantage of Google TV and on the side finally the volume controls.

Quality and playback capabilities

Although Google has not given too much importance to this section it seems important to mention that it offers us video transmission in up to 4K with HDR at 60 fps. Also supports Dolby Vision with HDR10 and HDR10+

With this it makes a declaration of intentions to replace the systems of some Smart TVs that offer us the best experience, but nevertheless the quality of the panels could continue to be used.

With the remote itself we will be able to do functions such as those we see on the mobile, for example ask about the weather, but it is specially designed to save us intermediate steps and play just by asking for it with your voice, a song on YouTube or open a series on Netflix.

Google TV is the highlight

Since the new Chromecast 2022 offers us a remote control, to take advantage of it and make sense in its use, Google TV has also been presented, leaving aside Android TV. This new system offers an experience similar to what we see on some televisions but improving the system and taking a step forward.

According to Google itself, the needs of users have been studied to create sections and spaces that offer everything we want to see in a few movements. This is done with the For You, Direct, Movies and apps tabs, which can be expanded according to our preferences.

However, all the possibilities of Google TV have not yet been fully discovered and we will have to wait to see its arrival on Android phones to see how we can combine the entire experience between mobile and television.

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