How To Choose A Good Headset?

How To Choose A Good Headset?

Choose A Good Headset : There are several headphones at the moment, they differ according to their format, their sound quality, their brand and their use. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right one for us, especially when we are at the point of sacrificing a large sum of money to buy one. Here we are going to present to you the most important characteristics of a good headset , you must absolutely take them into account so as not to waste your money for nothing.

Using Headphones

This is a very important point, you must first know how and where you will use your helmet to know which helmet to choose. If you will be using your headset in your office for a long time, you will need a headset with better sound quality and less pressure for it to be comfortable. If you are going to play sports with your helmet then you will need a less bulky, more solid and more comfortable helmet. If you work in a studio, you should aim for quality brands with the best performance.

The Format Of The Helmet

The format of your headphones have a relationship with the mode of its use. There are helmets that adapt only with sports or nomadic uses, used outside usually wirelessly and with high pressure, others are used only in the office for work or at home. The difference between these two types of helmets is precisely their format, each type has a shape adapted to the environment and the mode of its use. But the format also depends on you and your taste because design is very important for some people.

The Different Types Of Headphones

There are two types of headphones at the moment the supra-aural and ciricum-aural headphones tags. The supra-aural has a headband, and headphones that sit on the ears without covering them entirely, the isolation depends on the pressure of the headphones on the ears. The headband can be fixed or foldable, which makes it easy to store the helmet. The headphone pads are covered either with fabric, imitation leather or leather, the same goes for the inside of the headband. This kind of helmet is available everywhere at different prices ranging from tens of euros to hundreds of euros, it all depends on the sound quality and the material of the helmet.

The circum-aural headset does not only rest on the ear but covers it entirely, this ensures very good insulation and allows you to enjoy the sound which is generally of very good quality. 

This headset is designed for home use at first. The Gaming audio headset or more exactly for gamers who enjoy an incredible experience with sound that immerses them in their games entirely. At the moment we find this kind of headphones almost everywhere, whether in studios, offices and even outside worn by music lovers. 

They are generally classified as high-end headphones on the market at prices that differ according to the quality of their sound. On the other hand, they are a bit bulky and not easy to transport. It’s up to you to choose which of the two types will meet all your needs.

Wired or wireless headphones

We have known the classic headphones with the wires that connect them to the music source with a cable to a jack, some headphones even have two wires connected to the two headphones. The use of wired headphones is sometimes better for some since they are not rechargeable and the wire houses a remote control to control the sound volume and skip to the next or previous song. It’s also the model that goes best with conventional computers at work. 

For people who want to untangle the knots of the headphones more each time, we finally have the solution with the new wireless headphones. Bluetooth headsets are very practical for people who do not want to be limited by the length of the wire. These headsets are rechargeable, thanks to a power source located on the earpiece connected with a simple USB cable. The autonomy of these helmets varies according to the brand and the mode of its use, being able to last up to 6 hours. 

The use of Bluetooth can degrade the sound quality as it can improve its quality, it depends on the brand. The great thing about wireless headphones is that you can be away from your screen. It is also wireless headsets for TV that are widely used in homes.

Noise canceling headphones

Some headsets are equipped with the latest technologies that filter outside noise such as sounds in public transport, your colleagues talking, the TV in the living room and others. This system makes it possible to detect these noises with the microphone of the helmet and to cancel them thanks to opposing waves to the waves coming from the outside. 

This model is perfect for people who want to isolate themselves from the outside world to better enjoy their music or if you want to hear the voice of your interlocutor clearly. This sound reduction system is not necessary for some who do not want to cut outside sounds entirely.

Headphones with remote control

Now, almost all headphones have a remote control either sheltered on their wire or on one of its headphones. This command allows you to switch from one song to another or switch to pause mode and even control the volume of the sound, and this in a faster and more convenient way. Some brands have a very high quality touch control, others use the old physical buttons. The choice between these models depends on the taste of the user.

Other features

The results of helmets the headphones of athletes must be resistant to perspiration and moisture, and this for the so-called Outdoor use or outdoor use. This option is necessary for sportsmen practicing outdoor activities in the rain or in very humid places. In recent years, what pleases athletes are . There really is something for everyone!

Technical data

The data provided by the technical sheet is also to be taken into consideration, they allow us to learn about the resistance of the helmet , expressed in Ohms, it informs us about the current which crosses it. Be aware that the greater the resistance, the more power the headphones will need to reach the desired volume. 

You will also find the notion of bandwidth which expresses the capacity of the headphones to restore frequencies, from bass to treble. You can use the information from the data sheet to find out about the sound quality of the headphones, but after all only a real test will allow you to have the real quality of the headphones .

How To Use The Headphones?

Headphones are now used with computers , smartphones and television. It can be connected by simple cable or specific for the device to which it is connected. With the new wireless headsets , they are connected via Bluetooth. It is possible to wear headphones indoors or outdoors without problems, since the noise is sometimes unbearable in cities, people prefer to wear headphones than earphones since they are more resistant and more efficient.

Listen to music with headphones

Headphones are used much more to better enjoy music since these devices allow you to emit very clear sound and isolate all external noise. Besides, we find the great music lovers with huge headphones that completely cover their ears, immersed in another more vibrant world. Great athletes are also armed with headphones to protect themselves from distraction and focus only on their activity and the sound of the music that motivates them.

Control your voice in the studios

For people who work in audiovisual, it is necessary to control their voices to rectify or adjust it. This also concerns Youtubers, Bloggers and others given the importance of sound in their videos. For those who record their own music it is necessary to wear headphones connected to their pc or directly to the microphone to listen to their voices in real time, this will allow them to adjust the sound and redo a piece if necessary.

Headphones and video games

Wearing headphones while playing video games provides an exceptional new experience. Thanks to the clear and crisp sound of the headset, you will immerse yourself in this virtual world that is almost real to you. The headset will also allow you to communicate with other players or your friends while playing, and this comfortably especially with the wireless models which are less bulky and more practical.

Use headphones at work

Communication has become very essential at work, we need effective means of communication including the helmet which is comfortable and less bulky. To work you need a headset that does not completely cover the ear so as not to harm your health and that emits a crisp and clear sound to better hear the voice of your interlocutor.

FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About Headphones

Why choose a helmet?

The headphones have evolved a lot with the new technology whether in terms of sound quality and or shape but it is still fragile and less effective than headphones. The headphones allow to have a very clear sound thanks to the isolation of these headphones, it does not harm the ears since it is accompanied by pads that prevent them from crushing. Bluetooth headphones are also more comfortable to wear than wired headphones, they make it easy to move around with and even play sports with them.

Is the use of headphones harmful to our health?

Excessive use of headphones can harm your ears. You need to keep a bearable volume for your ears and pause each time, and this is necessary especially if you use headphones that completely cover your ears. For your health, prefer headphones that filter the sound and eliminate the disturbing waves that can harm your ears.

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