What Are The Tips For Buying A Best PC ?

What Are The Tips For Buying A Best  PC ?

When we want to make the purchase of a PC, we will have different variables to take into account, such as what operating system we want, the power of the hardware or the purchase of different devices or peripherals that allow us to interact better with the computer.

There are a variety of computers that we can find today on the market. The best one for us will be the one that meets our needs. For example, if we have never played computer games and we have no intention of doing so , buying a PC with the best graphics card may be a waste of money.

you can save a lot of money by not buying unnecessary elements for the use that we will give to your computer. Here are the tips you should know before buying a PC.

Mac or PC

The decision between buying an Apple and a PC with Microsoft Windows can be considered one of the great dilemmas in the world of computing. 



Most Apple computers when compared to any other PC that uses the Microsoft Windows operating system, we can say that they are much safer and less vulnerable to viruses and other malicious programs.


Early days of Mac, the difference with respect to Windows in terms of programs available for both operating systems was abysmal. Windows has a catalog of programs vastly superior to that of Mac. At present this difference has been reduced, however it is still significant.

Operating system

Mac OS X is a much more efficient, faster, stable and cleaner operating system than any of the Windows operating systems. In addition, its harmony with the hardware is almost perfect.



The number of users who use Windows computers is vastly higher, so it is not surprising that most developers decide to create programs for this Windows PC rather than for Mac.


Number of users with computers that use Windows is much higher, so for a simple statistical aspect, there are more numbers of hackers interested in these computers than in Macs.

Operating system

Its strong point is its great compatibility with programs and peripherals, but this leads to the installation of many drivers, programs that tend to make your computer slower and less stable.

Hard disk

The disk is one of the most important components of our computer since this will be where all our information is stored, including the operating system and all files and programs. One aspect that we must take into account is the speed of our hard disk, since if its speed is lower than the general speed of the rest of the components, it will prevent the computer from running at the maximum possible speed.

 The other important aspect of the hard drive will be its capacity. Make sure it has enough capacity to hold all the necessary files.  


The processor of a computer will be the center on which the rest of the elements of the PC will rotate, so it is of vital importance when purchasing your new PC. 

Nowadays, with multiple CPU / Processor manufacturers, it can be very confusing to look at all the processor options on the market, however thanks to this greater number of processors the price of them has dropped considerably.

Network card

Nowadays, almost all computers today have a network card or the network option on the motherboard. The network card allows you to share files between your home computers and connect to a broadband Internet connection.

So this element becomes almost essential since today almost anything must be done through the internet. 

Computer brand

Fame is earned over the years. That is why some computer manufacturers have a more prestigious track record than other manufacturers. In this way, for example, if we refer to Sony, as a general rule we know that it is synonymous with quality. 


If the equipment is purchased at a local store, the computer can always be returned if the computer finally does not meet what is shown in the characteristics or if the computer has a defect.

 In this case, this local store will be the one to contact the technical service. If the equipment has been acquired through an online purchase or through a mail order, the return may not be so easy to carry out.

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