How To Recover A Deleted Phone Number That You Have Lost?

How To Recover A Deleted Phone Number That You Have Lost?

Your contact book has gone down the drain, you’ve lost all the numbers and the outburst of pulling your hair is coming, right? It may also be that you deleted only a few numbers and soon after finding out that you actually need them. Do you want to retrieve a phone number? Well, that’s what we are going to do, to recover a phone number or several contacts.

How To Recover Phone Number From iOS?

If you have a backup, you simply have to go to it and recover your contact data. Issue resolved. Where are these backups made or kept? Your iPhone contacts are automatically saved to iCloud, where you can find and restore them.

The good thing about syncing with iCloud is that you can have regular automatic backups (even every day), making it very easy to recover lost data. These are the  steps to restore it :

  • Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  • Click on “Settings” and then go to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on “Advanced” (bottom left) and select “Restore contacts.”
  • Find the backup you need and press “Restore.”
  • Let the device and the cloud work to load the lost data. Completed work!

It is also possible to recover backup copies from iTunes or from the Contacts application of OS X, in a similar way as above. That is why it is so important to synchronize our devices and allow the formation of backup copies.

We already know that many times we get carried away by “these things only happen to others” and we do not make regular backups of our data or disable automated ones. Or it may be that the backups we have are slightly older than the changes we need.

That is, imagine that your iCloud made a backup ten days ago, that you uploaded a new contact to your iPhone the day before yesterday, and that you accidentally just deleted it. And in the backup, it is not registered yet.

What to do then? There are programs and services that promise to recover this data without backup, such as Aiseesoft or Wonder Dr Fone.

How To Recover Phone Number From Android?

As with iOS, on devices that use Android, the best solution is backups. Fortunately, you don’t have to remember to back up from time to time, because you can set up regular automatic syncing on your Android devices.

With the synchronization, you will be able to have security wincopias that will be generated without disturbing you and will remain at your disposal when you need them. Of course, with a maximum of 30 days old.

In the same way that with an iPhone you can go to iCloud, with Android devices you can access your data in the cloud with Google. To recover your lost contacts on Android we have several alternatives:

  • First, log into your Gmail account as you are accessing your email.
  • Select the drop-down next to ” Email ” and click on ” Contacts .”
  • A menu will open, click on ” More ” and select ” Reset Contacts “.
  • Select the version of your contact list that you need to recover and press ” Reset “.


Recover Contacts From Android If You Do Not Have Synchronization Activated

It may happen that you do not have automatic synchronization activated, and in that case, the steps would be the following:

  • Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 of the previous case, but instead of pressing «Reset contacts», select « Export »
  • Select ” All Contacts ” option in the pop-up window.
  • Select “Google CSV format (to import a Google account). ” Press “Export” and the download of your calendar to your computer will begin.
  • Connect your Android Smartphone to the PC/Laptop with a USB cable.
  • Select ‘Data storage’. Drag the VCF contact file that you have downloaded to the internal memory of the mobile.
  • On your mobile go to “Contacts”, select “Menu” and select “Manage contacts”.
  • Click on “Import contacts from internal memory. ” Select the VCF file and press “OK”. The contacts will be recovered.

As with iOS, there are programs that can do this job and recover your lost contacts, like the aforementioned Wondershare Dr Fone that can help you recover a phone number.

You can recover a phone number or hundreds, as many as you need in one of these ways.

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