What Is Really Important In GPS Watches For Kids?

What Is Really Important In GPS Watches For Kids?

In this article, we’re going to discuss about GPS watches.

The main mission of these devices is to provide security and control over the exact location of a child or anyone wearing the watch. If you are going to buy a watch with GPS for your child, whichever one you choose with that feature GPS will fulfill its function: to have the wearer of the device located through the Global Tracking System.

These Watches have other secondary functionalities such as entertainment or communication. A child with a GPS watch on his wrist is always located.

Why Do You Want Your Kids To Wear A GPS Watch?

Are you looking for  GPS watches? Then you should look for a GPS device that only informs you at all times of where your child is, perfect, you should focus on watches that have security as a strong point and leave aside other details such as communication or entertainment.

 However, experts advise choosing devices with some extra that is attractive to make it easier for the child to admit to always wearing the watch, taking care of it, and protecting it. The difference between smart children’s watches is precisely in the technical details and the extra functionalities; of course, that directly affects the price. 

Watches that are also mobile phones are more expensive, they need a SIM card and data rate or prepaid card. If they only serve to locate the bearer and to play, the device will generally be cheaper. If you do not know how to choose or assess its characteristics. It is very easy for you to make mistakes and not buy what you need.

But remember that a children’s watch with GPS with which you will soon feel disappointed. Give yourself a minute and read on to choose the best one.

What Is Really Important In GPS Watches For Kids?


Geofencing works through GPS, but not all children’s watches incorporate them. It is an attractive extra that you should value because it will allow you to put limits or virtual fences to the mobility of your child. 

Operation is simple: the device allows you to narrow down and define the area of ​​movement that you consider safe for your child, the watch will warn you when it detects that the device has left the marked area.

SIM Card

It is not necessary for a GPS children’s watch to have a SIM card or an internet connection, however, there are extra functions – apart from the basic location that does not require SIM – that do depend on it. If you want the watch to make calls, receive them, connect to the internet, upload photos to networks. You need to have a SIM card. There are three options regarding the SIM card:

  • Some Models that bring their own SIM card
  • There are some models that do not include the SIM but do admit it, giving the consumer the possibility of buying it freely.
  • Models that neither bring a card nor can use it, do not have functionalities that need it

Select  GPS watches with a SIM card if you need or want the phone to be able to behave in many cases like a mobile phone and be a means of communication with your child, but if you only want it to be used for location control, it is not necessary.

SOS Button

These GPS children’s watches have a panic or distress button. This function is only practical for children, not for babies, since it requires the child to activate or press a zone on the watch for it to launch a distress message and/or request for urgent help. There are different types of assistance systems built into children’s watches. 

However, all of them require that the device have a SIM card and an available line to make calls. By pressing the help button, the watch calls the emergency number 112 or there are models that allow adults to configure up to three telephones to call upon in an emergency: the device alternately calls the numbers provided in rounds until they answer.


The GPS in your child’s watch is the best on the market, but if the battery does not have an adequate duration it will be of little use because without it, the clock turns off and your child is totally out of place, it will not do him any good. 

Quality lithium batteries are recommended and that they give you a guarantee of at least 24 hours so that the use is really advantageous and practical. Keep in mind that the more extra functionalities the phone has – calls, photos or games – the higher the battery consumption will be, as with the mobile phone, for example.

GPS Location And Tracking

The accuracy of GPS to locate or track a target can be meters or centimeters, on the other hand; Each brand is connected to some satellites and not all have the same power, which means that there are GPS watches that work almost 100% anywhere in the world and others that have difficulties depending on what areas. 

 It is important to choose a GPS that works with the precision you need in the place where you are going to use it on a regular basis.

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