Best Instant Cameras 2022

Best Instant Cameras 2022

Best Instant Cameras : That the retro style is in fashion is no mystery, and proof of this is the great demand for instant cameras today. It is a type of analog camera that has a peculiarity with respect to the others: they are capable of printing our photos immediately after taking them.

This peculiarity makes them essential for lovers of traditional photography, those people who prefer to have their memories in the form of a printed photograph and not stored in the back of their hard drive.

So, if you are one of these people and you are looking to get one of these valuable cameras, stay with us to find out which is the best instant camera of 2022 or the one that best suits your needs.

And it is that in this article you will find a comparison with the best instant cameras of the moment. A total of 12 models, among which those of the Polaroid and Fujifilm brands stand out, and among which there is sure to be the ideal instant camera for you.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

We begin our compilation with a model from one of the quintessential brands of instant cameras: the  Fujifilm Instax Mini  11. It is a camera that, practically since its release on the market during 2020, is positioned as Amazon’s best-selling instant camera.

Both the selfie mode, which allows perfect selfies to be taken by pulling the front edge of the lens, and the automatic exposure , which automatically adjusts the camera parameters to adapt to the existing light conditions, make this model an instant camera with the best benefits.

For its part, the size of the photographs printed by the Instax Mini 11 is that of a credit card, the weight of its body is  435 grams and the colors in which we can find it are a total of five: pink (blush pink), blue (sky blue), gray (charcoal gray), white (ice white) and purple (lilac purple).

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Polaroid Now+

If you are a creative person who likes to play with colors in your photos, this model is the perfect option for you. And it is that the  Polaroid Now + has five lens filters: one that provides a metallic effect, another that generates a red vignette and three others with colors (orange, blue and yellow).

In this way, and thanks to the lens filters that it has, you will be able to saturate the colors in your photos, to achieve dreamlike effects. So, if you’re looking for an instant camera with which to unleash your creativity, you’ve found it with this Polaroid Now+.

For its part, and thanks to the Polaroid mobile application, you will be able to control the Now+ from your mobile phone, since it will allow you to focus easily, in case you do not want to use its automatic focus, to take photographs with a cinematographic style. , among other things.

And little more remains to be said about this Polaroid Now +, except that, with a body weighing 457 grams, we are possibly facing the most complete analog camera on the market.

Instax Mini LiPlay

We continue our compilation with another Fujifilm camera: the Instax Mini LiPlay, which has a fairly low weight of 255 grams, thanks to the compact size of its body that makes it the smallest camera in the Fujifilm Instax line.

For its part, it is a model with which you can enjoy great features, among which are the possibility of selecting the photo that we want to print, thanks to the LCD screen that is incorporated.

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